A Police Report Concluded That The Video Of The Neuron Case Was Made During The Campaign

2021-02-24   |   by CusiGO

We can get some air in the case of neurons. The National Police submitted a report to the examining magistrate. After analyzing most of the 1400 documents submitted by the party as evidence that the Mexican consultant neuron completed her employment, she concluded that “most of them” were created between March and April 2019, The period coincided with a few weeks before the election of 28, and officials added that a large number of documents – Videos and images – were made with cameras configured in the U.S. time zone.

The two findings, reflected in a February 23 report of the central cyber crime group, which is available to the country, reinforce the arguments of the left, who are accused of being legal persons, as well as some of their senior members. In view of the fact that the investigating judge Juan Jos é escaronilla believes that neurons have never completed the work of paying 363000 euros, the political party led by Paul Iglesias believes that consultants have indeed completed the work, Several employees of the Latin American company went to Spain.

According to the police report, after studying the micro data in more than 1000 files submitted, most of them were created with “time zones corresponding to continental American time”. “They are always associated with certain cameras: Canon EOS 5D Mark III for 07:00 time zone and Nikon D600 for 05:00 time zone,” he stressed.

The brigade’s documents also detail the names of several users who created or modified them. The most repeated is Alexander n, who appeared 68 times in the image and five times in the video. We can confirm that he is a neuroscientist. It also includes Waldemar AB, who has a profile on the LinkedIn social network, where he is known as “neuron’s graphic and creative designer” in 38 images and 31 documents. Another name that has been repeated up to 28 times in the video file is “javivanayez,” who is a member of us, according to the party source, who completed the recordings and applied the final style filter to them. “Patricia P.S.” also appeared in 19 documents. According to the same source, she is the contact person for the demostic training team and consultants.

The police report was released after a complicated week of competition. Escaronilla decided to charge Juan Carlos monedero, co-founder of the party, a total of 26200 euros for neuron, which, according to his paper, is the reward for neuron’s April 2019 election. In addition, the provincial high court has ordered judges to reopen the investigation into the alleged misappropriation of funds from the solidarity fund, a fund in which public officials donate part of their salaries for social purposes, known by the opposition as “fund B”. This part was shelved in November after no evidence of crime was found.