The Civil Defense Team Rescued 41 Immigrants Hiding In The Garbage Dump In Melilia

2021-02-22   |   by CusiGO

An inert air leg was the first thing a police officer in port melilia saw when he opened a white plastic bag. There is a lost man in the bag. The police thought he was dead, so they called an ambulance, took out a knife and opened the bag full of toxic fly ash. At that moment, the people inside responded. Like him, on Friday morning they found another 40 people hiding in broken glass and other hazardous waste in clubs, articulated vehicles, trucks and containers. Security forces sources confirmed that all were men of Moroccan and Algerian origin.

In the first search, 35 people were quickly found hiding in different parts of the port. The difficulty came from the second registration, which was more thorough and detailed. When the other five people were found, four of them were put on a bat full of broken glass fragments for recycling. They are looking forward to a voyage of about seven hours from these materials to the peninsula. After being rescued, 41 migrants were assessed by medical and health personnel and then transferred to the national police.

People enter the port area of the autonomous city and try to reach the peninsula in different ways, each with its own degree of risk. The civil defense team found that many immigrants tried to enter by swimming from the surrounding areas such as Beni Ansar in Morocco, or many other immigrants jumped into moving vehicles when they slowed down to enter the port or absconded under the port. This is called risk-taking.

Guard sources explained that this was the next step for people entering melilia through the border with Morocco, which has been closed since March 13, 2020, declaring the epidemic in its first alert state. Most of the immigrants who temporarily live in the autonomous city are irregular. Some of them are in the reception center and try to cross the Strait by commercial ships every day to reach Almeria, Malaga or motril in Granada. More than once, some people tried to hide in the cargo in trailers or trucks, risking their lives.

In order to find personnel between vehicles and containers, the guard deployed human, technical and animal resources. From sniffing containers for dogs, heartbeat detectors, to, like this particular case, the agent’s intuition and experience. However, Friday’s photos have become repetitive for port agents. So far this year, 1781 people have been assisted in this safe area. In 2020, there will be 11669 people. The epidemic has made attempts to move migrants from ports to the peninsula more desperate.