Melilia Agreed To Dismantle Franco’S Last Statue In Spain

2021-02-22   |   by CusiGO

The last statue left by dictator Francisco Franco on Spanish soil will be demolished. On Monday, the parliament of melilia decided to demolish the monument at the entrance to the port of the municipality by 14 votes in favor (8 for the melilia alliance and 4 against the PSOE). One citizen and one non affiliated member, Jesus Delgado – 10 PP members abstained and vox members voted against. Javier da Costa, a member of the far right party, believes that the statue “has cultural value and is the history of melilia”, and that the monument commemorates Franco’s position as commander of the Legion in 1921 when he “saved melilia from the army of abd Kerim”, So it will not be affected by the law of historical memory.

The statue, created by the sculptor Enrique novo Alvarez, commemorates Francisco Franco, who, as commander of the Legion, helped melilia defend against the attacks of abd El Krim soldiers during the rife War (1921), The monument, built in 1978, three years after the dictator’s death, remains controversial. In 2005, because of some projects, the place where he had been resettled from the beginning – General Messia’s Promenade – was removed, although a few days later he was resettled at the foot of the walls of Florence. The withdrawal will be permanent.

At a special plenary meeting on Sunday night, three political parties and non affiliated members of the melilia government won the vote with long applause. Elena Fernandez trevinho (PSOE), a cultural adviser, refuted vox’s argument against the removal of the statue, saying that the location of the monument was approved in 1975 after the dictator’s death and was dedicated to “General Franco.”, Three years after his placement in 1978, the reason for his appointment as “commander of the 1921 Legion” changed. “Monday, February 22, 2021, is a historic day for melilia,” Fernandez said, because he approved the “demolition” of the only dictator statue in Europe to be kept on public roads.

The process began with the new PSOE coalition government (a coalition of melilia and citizens) offering to demolish the monument in July 2019. A few months later, in February 2020, the Chief Executive announced that he was working hard to remove the statue, and Gloria Rojas, his PSOE spokesman, said he wanted the statue “as soon as possible,” although he did not disclose when it would appear.

In December 2020, the issue was submitted to the regional plenary meeting. The autonomous government guaranteed that the Culture Committee had prepared the files for the withdrawal. The people’s party accused him of using the issue to cover up his “incompetence”. In addition, Juan Jos é imbroda (2000-2019), former president of melilia, stressed that the statue was installed to commemorate Franco’s role as commander of the Legion during the 1921 rife war, when, according to imbroda, “melilia did not lose Spain because of the miracle.”.

In December of the same year, the Memorial Association Ranz orosas (AMRO) filed a claim with the municipality of melilia for the removal of the statue, claiming that it was “the only dictator statue in the world on Municipal Land”.

On January 28, the melilia parliament’s Committee on education, culture, festivals and equality finally approved the proposal to remove the statue of Franco from the public road. At that time, vox abstained, demanding that the matter be submitted to the plenary session, and the people’s party did not vote. On February 2, vox announced that it was “firmly” opposed to the removal of the Franco statue from melilia, and, like former president imbroda a a few months ago, advocated that the statue represented “commander Franco” and was not affected by the historical memory act, Because it commemorates the arrival of the Legion in the 1921 war against Morocco, allowing “the city of melilia to be placed under Spanish control.”.