Aragorn Supported The Mosos And Delayed The Debate On Changing The Police Model

2021-02-22   |   by CusiGO

Criticism from the opposition and the economic sector of the government’s indifference to the destructive tendencies of last week’s protests forced Pere Aragon è s to defend his current administration yesterday. “Robbing, burning city furniture or having conflicts with civil servants is neither freedom of speech nor freedom of demonstration,” he said ERC leaders called for trust in the mosos and for a discussion of the police model in parliament, rather than negotiating the mandate as the cup demanded.

Monday’s rain did not stop the seventh night of protests, which moved to the Arc de Triomphe near Parliament. Aragon è s, who had no public agenda at the weekend, tried to strike a balance between supporting the message of the mosos, rejecting violence and expressing sympathy for the protests. Moreover, he did not add more difficulties to the negotiations on the formation of an independent executive in the government, which was much more complicated than expected.

“I believe that those who defend hassle’s freedom (jailed for promoting terrorism on twitter) have nothing to do with those who use mobilization for different kinds of actions,” the ERC leader said.

Attending the meeting was a turning point in the government’s speech on the protest. Initial sympathy for another “repressive victim” was overwhelmed by the looting of dozens of shops in the city centre, some of them luxury goods, but many local shops, as well as more than 100 detainees. Aragones admitted on Monday that the city’s image had been affected and trade had fallen further, one of the sectors most affected by the epidemic. He called for trust in the mosos and their agents to ensure security and the right to protest.

Catalan employers PSC, CS, PP and fonment del treball unanimously criticized the government for “disappearing” in the crisis. Aragones denied that and argued that he coordinated with “local authorities” and economic leaders, but did not specify that he also asked them to reflect that instability and inequality were the causes of “social unrest.”. Aragones said interior minister Miquel s á mper was responsible for providing explanations over the weekend, and he even avoided denying it when he was reminded that the protests were “pure sabotage.”.

Aragones’s words, especially in support of the mosos, did not ignore the demands of political parties, including himself, for a thorough review of the security model. It’s a complex issue, and it’s bound to be the same in the new term of Parliament, but the debate came back into focus after a 19-year-old girl lost an eye to one of the demonstrations last Tuesday. He is investigating whether it was a foam bomb fired by the Mosuo.

The cup, whose vote is essential to the reissue of the current government, includes a discussion of the police model in authorized negotiations. EVA Granados, a spokesman for the PSC, said the “instrumentalization” of the debate was very serious. Anti capitalists have twice called for Sampo’s resignation and for the elimination of antitrust solidarity.

Aragones’ extreme stance on the mosos will alienate the anti capitalists, who think it is impossible to join the government at present, even though they are indeed in the future Parliament. Silence has exceeded the patience of some frustrated traders, who see it as an “irresponsible” attitude. On Monday morning, spokesmen for ERC, junts and the house of Commons advocated separating police debate from authorization. “It’s not a 15 day job,” Elsa altadi concluded.

Aragones then successfully defended the parliament, which would discuss and decide the mosos “calmly”. The world cup doesn’t want to talk about the “red line” in the negotiations, but now it has proposed a ceiling on its own. ERC and the house of Commons met on Monday to discuss a possible agreement, but J é Sica albiach insisted that their proposal was a left-wing agreement with the PSC and rejected junts. Parliament will be set up on March 12.

PSC asked the president of Parliament

The Socialist Party (PSC) believes that it is logical that the power that votes the most in autonomous elections has the right to preside over Parliament. EVA Granados, a socialist spokesman, explained on Monday: “we all agree with Salvador illa as the president of the Catalan parliament, and we understand that it is logical for the president of the Catalan parliament to compromise on the outcome.”. He added that the socialist parliamentary group will meet for the first time on Thursday to reach an agreement on the candidates for the presidium of the house of Representatives and the presidium of the parliament in Catalonia: “we are not yet in the nomination stage,” he stressed.