Police Found New Evidence In Pp’S B-Box

2021-02-21   |   by CusiGO

The National Police’s economic and financial crimes unit (udef) recently submitted a report to the National High Court judge Santiago pedraz detailing the new evidence found that the blackmailer Luis B á rcenas reflects the people’s party and the political party The people’s Government awarded the government contract.

Police documents consulted by the country on February 15 first suspected that Isabel II had competed for 500000 euros in supply and assembly during the presidency of Esperanza Aguirre, President of the Madrid community, in 2006, Turbocharger in sewage treatment plant. The contract has been awarded to degr é Mont, which has conducted an investigation under another contract signed for the same sewage treatment plant at the same stage, with a contract value of about 7 million euros.

According to PP extesorero’s opaque accounts, between 1998 and 2008, President De gremont Rafael Valencia and President Angela Salado made six contributions to the PP B fund, totalling 194000 euros. In 2008, he spoke to Ildefonso de Miguel, then the channel’s chief executive and a trusted person for the later president, Ignacio Gonz á lez, who met his interlocutors after receiving a call from Barcenas.

The new police report also focuses on the role of businessman Placido V á zquez di é g UEz, who has been investigated in the G ü RTEL case for his corporate relationship with the plot leader, Francisco Correa, in these rulings. Police stressed that V á zquez had worked for different businessmen, including de gremont, who had been a consultant from 2005 to 2010, and that the investigation had revealed that he was alleged to have offered a commission to Correa “starting with the award of a public contract to the company in which he was engaged in brokerage business”.

In this regard, the police document emphasizes that the head of G ü RTEL’s B account reflects eight so-called “cash” payments made by V á zquez di é Guez from November 2001 to May 2003, totalling 2.15 million euros in commission. Among the beneficiaries of the money, the police listed bassanas, Correa and the employer himself.

In the investigation of the so-called Bassana documents, 23 rulings, including five ministries, ADIF, Renfe and the tax department, were also investigated. These rulings were worth nearly 600 million euros during the last administration of Jos é Mar í a Aznar (2000-2004). In a recent written statement to the office of the prosecutor against corruption, balsenas expressed his willingness to assist in the investigation, because during the seven-year investigation of the case, he ensured that the employer’s abnormal donation to the party was directly related to the award of the contract. He now admits that “in some specific cases, this motive may exist.”.