23-F Is Calculated By One Robber And One Robber.

2021-02-21   |   by CusiGO

Among the attackers in Congress was a 23-f, who was eager that those who first made him armed – a regular pistol with two clips and a submachine gun with eight 30 rounds – would have all the power. When he got on a bus, he heard a classmate shouting, “get ready, Carrillo! “If you shoot and interrupt the inauguration of President Leopold Calvo sotro, you lose the fight against democracy. “That day, I was afraid of the return of the dictatorship,” said Jos é Antonio Iglesias, 71. “I know that if the coup continues, we will lose our freedom.” In order to find her, he left Spain very young. “In London, I was lucky to see the greatest concert of my life, the rock concert at Hyde Park in 1969. It’s impressive. ” There he met his wife and his son was born. After Franco’s death, he went through a difficult period in Germany. He decided to return to Spain to bring joy to his father’s National Guard. He entered the body and took the traffic route.

Another man on the 23rd floor followed in his father’s footsteps. His father, Nicolas P é rez Serrano, 22, was an advisor to the 1931 Constitution during the Republic. The Franco regime later opened to him a military court, a political responsibility trial and five clean-up files. His son’s revenge was that he got a lawyer’s position in the court at the age of 27 and participated in the drafting of the 1978 constitution. On February 23, 1981, he served as Secretary General of the house of Representatives. He is 33 years old, two years older than the traffic police, sitting in the grandstand opposite the hall. “All of a sudden I heard some strange sounds, which sounded like gunshots, as if they were coming from the room escorted by ministers. Instinctively, I wanted to lock two doors, but I met a civil defense Lieutenant with a machine gun and a pistol in his hand. It was a clash with Guti é rrez mellado when Adolfo Su á rez pulled him out of the hands of the Levites and there was a lot of gunfire. ”

“I was the second to come in, behind the weaver,” Iglesias recalled. “I don’t know him, but I saw his picture in the Galactic operation newspaper.” In the first military court trial, when the coup executor was asked about the criteria for choosing 158 civilian guards to accompany him in the attack, tayero replied, “we chose the easiest people to find: transportation and workshops.” “Even today, I can’t explain that I’m not dead,” Iglesias said. “They shot before they got into the semicircle. In the room where they took Gutierrez melado, Carrillo and others, a sergeant said he wanted to shoot Carrillo. Tyero replied, “do what you want.” but the sergeant didn’t move. Some people know more than others, but I think most people are jobs like me. When I think about it, I’m still nervous. I don’t want to die without knowing the truth. ”

“A policeman put my knee behind my back, one hand on me, the other with a submachine gun, pointing to my head,” Nicholas Perez Serrano recalled. “I thought: This is a coup and they will leave me here. My heart beat to 200. I have a political law pamphlet in my pocket. I remember my only concern was to catch it in time and use it as a talisman on my head. I thought, my fantasy, maybe the bullet will not go through it. They took Gutierrez melado, Suarez and Carrillo, which seemed to be a sign of their walk. It’s an unbearable feeling. The weaver was a complete lunatic, and he was obviously upset. They know what they’re doing. But there were also people who were cheated and captured at the last moment. One of the people who accompanied me to the service whispered, “it’s not my fault. Sorry, we’re fooling ourselves. ”

In the semicircular church, a natural person from Montfort de Ramos (Lugo) recognized a man in plain clothes and came over. “Where are we going to meet,” lusense told acting interior minister Juan Jose Rosen. “We talked a lot that night. He was standing next to a man with transistors, Fernando April matorell, and he asked me what was going on in the street, what about the people who were taken away. He gave me money to buy him cigarettes, and I did. We smoked a lot. He, his Marlboro. My racket is Winston’s. Once in a while, transistor guys throw things out. I told them to calm down and it would fail. As the announced competent military authority, the famous white elephant, did not appear, I thought the matter would end, but at the same time, the tension was very big, and the situation was messed up. ”

One of the most intense moments occurred when Perez Serrano warned that the spotlight in the chamber was not ready to spend that much time on and could catch fire. “The weaver showed up and said that if someone moved, he would order to shoot. When they brought us some biscuits for breakfast, he was also in great pain. Manuel Fraga began to shout,” shoot me, they are joking, they say we will have breakfast at home! ” “Yes. There is a large bill in the bar, which is paid by Congress [258421 pesetas, equivalent to 7500 euros today, including four bottles of Mott Chandler], because the attackers drank hundreds of bottles of wine. ” Juan Luis Herr á IZ, the maintenance director, confirmed this: “this is our own drink. The bar was razed to the ground. They all drank it. ”

“Who would want a coup? “Just an ignorant man,” Iglesias said today. “I just felt that all the efforts, all the work, all the transition and the fine lines of consensus would bring us trouble,” the lawyer recalled, saying that if he lived, his only way out would be “exile and translation work.”. After the coup, the National Guard wrote a letter to Philip Gonzalez. “After that, I served in the PSOE for a while. In the letter, I told him that things had to change and that when democracy was lost, it was better to defend it. I think Julio FIO replied that the president noticed that. ”

Perez Serrano left Parliament at 10 o’clock with a group of women. “I saw civilian guards coming out of the window into the street. When I got home, I couldn’t sleep, it was like a pile of things, and I began to write down what I had been through For example, the gesture of Guti é rrez mellado, who gave his DuPont gold to the usher, lent him his BIC lighter when his lighter ran out. Or a hug from Suarez after he stood up in front of a lawyer. “When I think of it, I’m still crying.” Iglesias thought he was the last to leave. “The weavers fired us one by one. He held our hand and wished us good luck. Then they took us to the valdemorro youth guard school, where they locked us up for about 20 days. I remember in March, when a loved one died, I couldn’t go to the funeral because they wouldn’t let me out. ” After clarifying his role in the attack, the guard resumed service but was very disappointed. “I held on for two years, until 1983. And then Rosen, after that, called me a few times and got me a job at sinter, where he was the CEO. ”

In 2001, Iglesias returned to Congress again, as part of the sinter workers’ organization, which camped in lakastrana to protest against the wages owed to them. “Because they were going to discuss it that day, they invited us to continue the meeting on the podium. I was impressed to see the gunfire on the ceiling, but I didn’t tell anyone. My colleagues know I’m a civil defense player, but I don’t know I’m on the 23rd floor. I dare not tell them. I’m afraid they don’t understand. ”

In 2011, 30 years after the attacks, the minutes of the 23-f secret meeting were released to Congress. In many other cases, there was a story of how a guard took away the Catalan socialist Luis Maria de Puig Olivier on the order of a lieutenant. This is a book, a poem by Rafael Marceau, from which he tore a page and the congressman made some notes. This is the church. “I don’t know why I keep it. I put it in my pocket. I forgot. When I saw it again, after a while, I put it in a plastic bag. When I read the Congressional Record, I want to give it back to him. I call the country that organized the meeting. I didn’t tell him, but somehow giving it back to him was a way of apologizing for what happened. I’m a servant, but there was a time when we were arranged in Prince vegala’s parking lot. They told us that we had drawn very well. We were defending the king. The captain told us, “Whoever doesn’t agree, let him go ahead.” I didn’t agree, but I didn’t take action. It’s easier to let me go. Then I think I have more opportunities to do something for democracy. I can leave many times, in fact, once I went out and called my wife to reassure her, but I came back. ”

Perez Serrano retires in 2019. He was with the usher, Paloma Santamaria, and was one of the most popular people in the room. In a few days, he will publish a compilation of parliamentary testimony with which he shared 17 hours of kidnapping on the day Godzilla took over Congress. Today, he played down chat rooms that seem to be making saber noises again. “Later, I worked as a defense lawyer for 30 years. I can say that the development of the armed forces is amazing; it has nothing to do with the political views of the coups in Spain in the 19th and 20th centuries Iglesias also did not believe that the declarations and letters of the veteran soldiers who questioned the legitimacy of the government would continue. 40 years later, the memory of that long night still exists like a vaccine.