More Than A Month Ago

2021-02-20   |   by CusiGO

Pablo Hassel was sentenced to nine months in prison for inciting terrorism, which triggered many protests this week in Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid and other Spanish cities, But the outbreak of demonstrations, mainly among young people, also exposed a fundamental sense of uneasiness and boredom, which went beyond the detention of rap singers, Defend freedom of speech and the influence that the most radical groups may exert. The newspaper interviewed 10 protestors in Barcelona and Valencia, one of whom explained: “anger is high.”. Most of the young people come from the collective and formation of nationalism, independence, anarchism, anti fascism and extensive left-wing ideology.

“We young people suffer the most from anger and injustice and the backlog of problems, but these spread to other parts of society. “We can’t get into the labor market, or our jobs are very unstable, but I don’t think it’s easier for 50 year olds,” said Alex Canton, 24. He attended two rallies in Valencia with his friends Babacar Diane and Juan Antonio Garc í a Ruiz.

“I’m 27 years old, I don’t have a chance to leave home and have an important project. I worked as a waiter in a clothing store and even signed a one-day contract. It’s not only because of this year’s epidemic, but also because it affects everyone, “Juan Antonio said, adding that 100 young people were waiting for the detainees to leave during the demonstration on Friday. Justice in Valencia. Both are young members of Valencia’s vice president, Monica oltra’s political party, the able Valencia initiative, which was founded in combois and denounces disproportionate police charges.

“We are here to protest, but hassle is another excuse. We protest against deportation, against helpless and helpless people, against the repression we have suffered over the years. “Imprisonment is just the last straw,” Laura, 40, complained shortly before Friday’s protests in Barcelona. She is committed to the cause of world communication. Reuben, 36, talked about technology and didn’t want to give more details: “it’s a hotbed for us to live in, it’s a hotbed for us to deal with epidemics. People have lost their jobs, and for months, no one has been able to show that it doesn’t work, and a boy comes and goes, sings the most authentic song, and puts him in prison, “Reuben said.

In Barcelona, many of the protestors refuse to talk to the country, and independent protests have their own means. The state media are the victims of repeated announcements by a choir in demonstrations and processions. For example, the choir is often surrounded by a person called “manipulative Spanish media”. Among the few people, almost no one said their names. All of this justifies this pursuit of anonymity, as the “fear” of mosos linking their quarrels with the Catalan capital, many injuries, the destruction of cashiers and shops, and the burning of containers and public furniture.

Anthony Corey s á nchez, a history student born in Honduras 23 years ago, spent most of his life in sabadel. He is proud to be 63rd on Barcelona’s jxcat list. “There are political prisoners, activists, rappers… In contrast, no one said that former soldiers said in WhatsApp chat that they wanted to shoot millions of people (the Defense Department has submitted the case to the prosecutor’s office), and no one said the barbaric words that journalists like Federico gimennes Los Santos say every day, “Sanchez said with regret.

“Estem farce” (we’re fed up with it) is the banner of the rally in Valencia on Tuesday. She was called by Alan and others. Nuria Marti, a 25-year-old historian, is a waitress and a national spokesman for the independent left youth group of Catalonia. “Young people born in the 1990s between the 2008 crisis and the pandemic, if we have jobs, our jobs are unstable; we live in a situation of expelling our neighbors, and our reality has nothing to do with the commitment of the welfare state, that is, if you work hard, you will get where you want to be, which is the fallacy of elitism,” he said. “We have no future and they have the audacity to ask us to keep peace and not throw away containers,” he added.

“I don’t want to tell you my name because I’m one of nine Leiden people,” admitted a 28 year old Barcelona player. The nine were charged with placing objects on the road to prevent the transfer of imprisoned independents from ledona prison near manreza to Madrid for trial. “Arresting hassle is just another matter. We fight for dignity here every night. This is where we live without democracy. He regretted that political parties could not go against the will of the people.

Ollier, 24, from Cornell, majored in history. “If we build a republic to make up for the lack of democracy in our lives, independence won’t do us any good,” he warned. His classmates edu and Marc nodded. They think the pressure from political parties is not enough. “Social change can only be conquered through street struggle. We’ve done too many quiet demonstrations. History tells us that change doesn’t happen on its own, “edu admits.

The two Valencia political science graduates adjusted their criticism, even though their views were the same. They believe that representative democracy in Spain has many shortcomings, such as in the judicial field and the power of the elite, “there is no need to have any problem talking about these shortcomings.”. “Just because we’re better than other countries doesn’t mean we’re OK,” Juan Antonio said. They believe that the crisis in the media field, as well as social individualism, inequality and stereotypes, also contribute to the current predicament. Both countries have a special responsibility to those who have done their work under very unstable conditions, and they have reached an agreement without taking any action to defend their rights and those of others.