Indigestible Alliance

2021-02-20   |   by CusiGO

It’s only one year old, but the alliance is beginning to show obvious signs of material fatigue. The PSOE accused United pomos of wanting to be both a government and an opposition, while the Pablo Iglesias group accused the socialists of refusing to comply with agreements they signed on issues such as rent restrictions, which is currently the most tense fight in the country.

They all have different views, but the ministers and leaders of the two groups agree on one idea: “it can’t go on like this any more.” It’s been a tough week. First of all, he strongly opposed the equality policy. Together, we can condemn the SPD for unilaterally proposing a ministry law under its leadership. The Socialists will not forgive those churches that seek votes in Congress or even lobby the people’s party to overthrow socialist laws. Finally, he discussed the demonstration in support of rapper Pablo Hassell.

Both sides admit that this situation is untenable. Pedro Sanchez and Pablo Iglesias are scheduled to meet next week to try to ease this seemingly intolerable tension, which, as several ministers have agreed, is affecting all ongoing negotiations and the internal functioning of the government. However, no one knows whether this simple offer will escalate the conflict again, because the conflicts between several ministers, especially vice president Carmen Calvo and Minister for equality Irene Montero, seem to be difficult to resolve, except for the leaders who retain the space for dialogue.

An independent, non partisan group of ministers, appointed by the PSOE, began to come up with the idea internally that if Sanchez decided to let the coalition government go, the government might cut spending and we could continue to act alone. But this is a minority opinion within the administration. The rest of the socialist ministers and the main leaders of the PSOE – who don’t want to live in parliamentary hell, which will lead to the withdrawal of church groups from government – and Sanchez’s environment insist that the president knows very well that this is not the time to destabilize the administration.

It would be “frivolous” to have 120 seats, or an absolute majority of 56. As several ministers, leaders and socialist barons have agreed, to break unity, we can risk losing votes in Congress. Some of the ministers most distant from the United Nations, especially some key figures in the economic sector, such as Nadia calvinio or Jose Luis escolva, have maintained strong dialectical conflicts with the church. For example, Margarita Robles, who is in charge of national defense, reminds people internally that the government has successfully approved the budget. I can be alone for a long time because neither of us has much room to vote against social measures.

But the ministers closest to the SPD, especially Jose Luis Barros and Maria Jess Montero, have the support of key leaders in daily parliamentary negotiations, such as Adriana Lastra, and several territorial barons, They have an inherent attraction for Mathematics: there can be no 120 seats to rule, and with unity, we can face it. Last Thursday, with the support of Catalonia’s junts per Catalunya, a key decree on pensions was passed by four votes and rebounded. Without up, it is almost impossible to manage these votes. Not to mention the cost to the PSOE of being responsible for the collapse of an alliance that has generated a lot of expectations among progressive voters.

At the same time, we can recognize from the United Nations that, in fact, the situation has reached an unsustainable point, because the tensions accumulated in the past few months have hindered several ongoing negotiations.

Church groups have a long list of grievances, pointing out that the PSOE has violated government agreements or agreements signed in recent months. Housing is the last. On the day the budget closed, Iglesias and Sanchez agreed that there would be a law limiting rents. The agreement has been made public and taken as a fact. But now, according to the Federation, the socialists are retreating, they just want tax incentives, but they don’t explicitly limit excessive growth as other countries do.

Hassle’s controversy

On the contrary, the controversy over rapper Pablo hasel’s support is not the biggest issue in the league. Sanchez clearly points out the differences between PSOE and unidado Mayo, which he does whenever there are differences on sensitive issues such as the monarchy, However, there is an internal consensus that the criminal code must be amended so that Hassell and similar cases will not be sentenced to imprisonment as in most European countries.

The real issue is equality, especially in terms of rents, pensions and other economic decisions, such as where and how the European Fund spends 72 billion euros; whether it targets more at large projects than the interests of large Spanish Multinationals, or sectors with more small businesses.

The beginning of the week is the key. There, we will see whether the situation can be restored through this leaders’ meeting and the ongoing negotiations among ministries.

Most notably, this most tense moment coincided with the worst week that the opposition could face, when the people’s Party announced that it would sell its seats in an attempt to get rid of the dilemma brought about by the Catalan election, in which it won half of vox’s votes and citizens lost 30 seats in their birthplace, Tell me if you still have a future, or if you have begun to slowly and painfully disappear.

“Our biggest advantage is that there is nothing ahead, but it won’t last forever. “The biggest problem is voting,” one minister concluded Instead of standing idly by and considering the collapse of the opposition in the worst week for Pablo cassado and ines alimadas, the government chose to show internal tensions. Everyone blames the one opposite. But there is also an idea that it must be redirected. Some have already started to work and will try in the next few days. But no one knows if they will succeed.