Sanchez Refuted Mable’S Remarks About Democracy And Street Protests

2021-02-19   |   by CusiGO

Pedro Sanchez needs only 11 words to make clear his distance from his Manchester United partner. “Violence is unacceptable in a fully democratic country like Spain,” said the chief executive, who lightly refuted the position of Pablo Iglesias’ organization on the quality of democracy, At the same time, it has distanced itself from the reluctance of some leaders to denounce the riots in the protests triggered by the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hassel, and the leaders of the United Nations can subtly say that supporting the protests does not mean protecting violence.

On Friday, growing tensions between the two government forces eased. Sanchez clearly pointed out their distance, secretly denied his partner’s speech, but be careful not to blame them directly. The same is true of interior minister Fernando Grande marlaska, who avoided the UN’s stance during intense parliamentary hearings, despite the opposition urging him to mobilize the prosecutor’s office to sue Pablo echenique, speaker of the church organization’s parliament, with the harshest charges. ANA Bel é n V á zquez, an internal spokesman for the people’s party, even accused him of “asking the protestors for more sugar cane.”.

Some socialists have made very severe criticisms of the people we can unite, but these criticisms come from the regular customers in this field: Castilla Raman Cha, Emiliano Garcia page, estre Madura, the socialist Baron of Guillermo Fernandez vara, and the defense minister Margarita Robles, who is the most stubborn person in the government to do this work. On the United Nations side, we can contribute to easing the situation. For example, the chairman of its parliamentary group, Jaume asens, said in an interview with Catalonia radio: “We support the protestors, as echenik said, but it does not mean that we agree with the unrest caused by ethnic minorities. It doesn’t mean those who are angry. ”

Sanchez, who is standing with fern á ndez vara at an event in Merida on Friday, wants to be tough in denouncing violence in an attempt to contain a dispute that, in addition to continuing to disrupt the atmosphere of the government, supports the people’s party, which has experienced a terrible week after the tragic defeat in Catalonia’s elections. The president declared that violence is a “denial of democracy” and an “attack” on freedom. “There is no reason, place or circumstance to justify the use of violence,” he stressed.

This does not mean that the government’s socialist party disagrees with some of the concerns of its partners and protestors after the imprisonment of a rapper convicted of inciting terrorism. The president insisted that the right to freedom of speech should include “even the most infamous and absurd ideas.”. He reiterated the administration’s intention to carry out legal reform in this regard, as “there is a broad consensus in society to better protect freedom of expression”. The interior minister also asked all parties in Congress to “think” about the legal framework governing these issues. Maraska believed that demonstrations “inciting violence and hatred” must be prosecuted, but he warned that in law “very careful responses must be made”, especially in cases of imprisonment.

At the Congress Internal Commission, malaska witnessed firsthand how the events of the past few days have increased tensions, and opposition groups have restored their best record. For a time, the debate – theoretically to examine the management of temporary Philomena – turned out to be chaotic. Enrique Santiago, a member of the United Nations, said angrily to a vox man in the uproar, “I tell you, sir, someone in my family has also been shot! “, Javier Ortega Smith of vox chants against “the extreme Marxist and Communist left, the Czech left and the left at the back of the head.”. Malaska herself eventually confronted Anna Bethlehem Basques, the popular actress, and shaved her. Basquez had earlier tried to put on a funny look and wondered whether the minister would be “in Madrid’s Rosa de Cueca” in the era of Philomena.

Even if this is not the reason for his appearance, the minister has begun to denounce violence and unreservedly defend the police, which has been questioned by the Federation. In the face of attacks from the right, it’s not good for him. Vox asked him to “protect the police from attacks by government partners.”. Wadzquez, a professional policeman and one of the fiercest members of the house of Representatives, has no truce. “Are you with Mr. echenick, the scumbag who incites violence? “He challenged her. “Iglesias is guilty, Sanchez is guilty, you make silence an accomplice.” Despite the insistence of Miguel Guti é rrez, the representative of the people and citizens, the minister did not say a word to his government partners.

Hassle tweeted on May 16, the day of Julio angita’s death, claiming that “the regime is mourning one of its own” and accusing Communist leaders of “suppressing torture and murder.”. During the debate, Enrique Santiago, also Secretary General of the PCE, described the case, stressing that his background was totally different from that of the rapper, despite his protest against his imprisonment. Santiago did not have internal criticism, but he did regret that the police “did their best and their resources” to prevent him from going to jail There is no way to control the demonstration. ” “Although it doesn’t justify the violence,” he said.