Police Estimate That There Are More Than 100000 Victims Hiding Cameras In Malaga’S Bathroom.

2021-02-19   |   by CusiGO

The 90 Euro 4K quality camera purchased and hidden on the Internet, the battery and the expertise of two people’s hands are enough to record 71080 videos in Malaga’s public service. They fake air fresheners and install them in shopping malls, fast food restaurants and universities across the province. The two people in charge, a 44 year old man and his 31 year old niece, had intended to take them online to make money, but they were arrested on Tuesday before they were made public. They were charged with child pornography and invasion of privacy. According to police estimates, there were more than 100000 women in the recording, most of them boys and girls. According to the source of the high court of Andalusia (tsja), the detainee has been in prison and his companion has been released and charged.

Legal sources explained that it was a continuing violation of privacy, which would be aggravated by the possession of child pornography and the detainee’s intention to distribute images.

According to the detainee’s own confession during the more than six hour interrogation, the detainee placed cameras in several public places in Malaga city. “In a lot of places,” explains Antonio Arcos, who is in charge of the investigation, the head of the mobile brigade of the Malaga national police.

Now the detainees hide their cameras in a device that mimics an air freshener, but there is actually a recording system inside, which is almost invisible in the bathroom, because they show an obvious rivet, which is actually a hole for taking pictures. They are usually placed next to the door, at the height of the latch, or behind the toilet.

The principal produced models in a variety of finishes and colors – white, black, wingay and bass – to suit each place. He installed these devices, put them in an empty place, and a month later, if they didn’t doubt it, he would return to the scene and put another month’s air freshener. If they passed the test, he began to act: with the help of his niece, he placed a camera several centimeters long, with a mass of 4K, equipped with Motion sensors and wide-angle lenses – collect as much field of view as possible – and a memory card that can hold up to 800 videos. In addition, he added a backup battery.

When a person walks into the bathroom, his actions start the camera and record scenes such as taking drugs, having sex or changing clothes. Sometimes women are accompanied by their sons or daughters, and they are photographed.

Now arrested people come regularly to rescue the devices. After the video was downloaded, the camera was re installed elsewhere. The recorded images are classified and stored in a folder according to the appearance of the victims. His destination is a website created by the detainees, and he intends to offer a subscription fee of 16.99 euros per month. “I’ve accumulated material for many years,” the researchers said. Multiple hard drives have a capacity of up to 4 TB.

Mobile brigade agents’ contact with the perpetrators is not easy, nor short: 13 months. It began on January 17, 2020, when guards at the vialia shopping mall next to the maraga ADIF station warned police that there were strange electrical appliances in the women’s toilet. “All the targets are hiding a camera, but when we turn them on, they are empty,” akos explained.

Undercover agents began to monitor the area, and six weeks later, they found an air freshener in one of the artifacts they used to drive away. Tracking has continued for the past year until last Monday, when they finally found one of the installed devices.

By analyzing the images they found on the memory card, the suspect can be identified. She appeared in the first few seconds of some recording, just after she put the camera in place. Police searched for people wearing the same clothes in the surveillance video of the shopping center and found a matching person driving into the parking lot. She was accompanied by another perpetrator.

The next day, the man returned to the scene, passed by plainclothes police, and they followed him to a fast food restaurant. At the exit, they stopped him. He carried a device with him, as well as tools such as spatulas, solvents, screws, and even paint, to repair any defects.

Soon after they arrested the man’s assistant, they finally found out that she was his niece. During a search of the man’s home, they found “a lot of photos” in the bathroom, but there were also 120 child pornography videos and 2300 pictures of naked boys and girls, which the police believed were exchanged with paedophile groups. There are also 1187 videos of detainees having sex with women. Investigators suspect they recorded it without the victim’s consent.

“Maybe now we’ll all be more aware of this kind of activity by the fallen,” police officer Antonio Arcos stressed. “At least women can rest assured that these images have not been uploaded to the Internet. We have the original, not the previous copy, “he explained, stressing that he was ready to listen to the judges to determine whether they needed to identify all the victims. The officer also stressed that this week, a group of police officers had searched all toilets in shopping malls, fast food restaurants and university centers. There are 84 devices, 27 cameras and 21 batteries. The investigation is still ongoing and further arrests are not ruled out.