Jose Manuel Franco: “I Hope We Can Condemn Violence”

2021-02-19   |   by CusiGO

Jos é Manuel Franco Pardo (Puebla del brolon, Lugo, 1957), a socialist, left the parliament bill and became the representative of the Madrid government. At that time, he had to face and manage the worst epidemic of the century, a charge of prevarication (which was later shelved), the biggest temporary snowfall in 70 years, and now the streets are burned by radicals, which could trigger new riots on Saturday.

Questions. Do you think they will continue to quarrel?

answer. By Saturday, they will gather anti system groups from the same platform at 19:00, but now they will not reveal where they plan to focus. In his appeal, he said, “the location is to be determined.”

P. This is the same strategy used by some independent groups in protest after the trial.

A. Yes, they have contacted him before. Even on Wednesday, the people who called Sol’s rally also reported another rally in Alcala de gennares at the same time. The rally was not banned and there was no incident. In central Madrid, however, they did not contact her. The first one didn’t speak, but the second one didn’t. Now, not only do they not ask for authorization directly, they don’t say where he’s going until the last minute.

How did you prepare?

A. Police are analyzing the information and preparing to deploy their equipment where they believe the protestors may gather. Sabotage is not allowed.

Who are they?

A. I am very clear that some of the participants have not made any requests, which will make our data so far unable to determine whether there are any violent organizations behind. There is an anti system collective. Some people are happy to stir up riots, attack police and destroy city furniture.

P. What about the detainees?

A. Six are minors, the other 13 are people aged 18 to 32, some are students, some do not study or work, some have never worked. They have no criminal record.

Q: what’s Pablo echenique’s opinion on your support?

A. One is ideology, and the other is the position you hold and the political responsibility that comes with it. You have to be very careful. I was surprised.

Q. Can’t we condemn street violence?

A. I hope that we and all the political forces in Parliament can condemn violence. Rebellion, yes, but no violence. I am a staunch defender of freedom of speech, and I believe that criminal law needs to be reformed. But what is absolutely unacceptable is violence. When violence appears, all noble causes will disappear.

P. Those who continue to gather at the homes of vice president Pablo Iglesias and Minister Irene Montero also call for freedom of speech and demonstration.

A. There are some non believers who usually march in front of Paul’s church. Even those who are fined will commit a crime again. We are faced with a common problem: where does freedom of speech and demonstration come from? Where does privacy come from. Some people use this conflict of rights to disturb others.

P. Like everyone else, throw stones and objects at them, as he said.

A. Yes, but it must be stressed that it was his house. I can understand that you will protest against your service, but you have to protect your family home, which is the biggest difference I see, and it’s very important to me. Personal residence must be absolutely inviolable.

Q. Why has the national police, not the civil defense forces, changed and taken charge of the security of this house since last summer, because they are at your demarcation point?

A. For security reasons, the decision was best monitored by the police and improved, although it was not the decision of the government delegation.

P. At the opposite ideological poles, on Saturday, far right groups were empowered to focus on paying homage to Blue Division, which became an anti Semitic act. They don’t ban it, but they start investigating?

A. This is their annual memorial service since 2007, and nothing happened. It was not banned because it met all the hygiene requirements (isolation, masks, attendance). The Ministry of health does not encourage gatherings of more than 500 people. Under police surveillance, the road was ok, but in the cemetery, these totally unacceptable messages and slogans were released. Once we get the information, we commission an investigation and provide the police report to the prosecutor’s office, which has already started its own investigation. That’s how it is.

Q. So what about this year’s 8-m feminist parade?

A. Therefore, according to the objective criteria, if the health status does not change in principle and the number of people is expected to exceed 500, the health of Madrid people will be threatened and we will have to ban it. I know you’re already looking for alternatives.

Q. Finally, how many complaints have been dealt with for disobedience and non-compliance with imprisonment?

A. First there were floods, then there were traffic jams, but after the health bureau and the city police were handed over to them, we implemented about 8000 sanctions, the most serious of which was disobedience, which accounted for almost 50% of the sanctions we dealt with.

Q: is Madrid the best place for illegal parties?

A. We will try our best to make it the worst. It’s impossible to have an illegal party in Madrid. Citizen cooperation is essential, and citizens must condemn such behavior in their own environment. A few days ago, I met with the local community association. There are only 33 tourist floors in downtown and chamberley, which are used to hold parties, even outside.

Q. Apart from the accusations, Madrid has been trapped there for a week. Do you think there is enough prediction for the storm in Philomena?

A. Yes. Two days ago, we had loaded a large tonnage truck on the road. If not, the consequences will be even worse. Anyone who wants to stay in a trapped vehicle is not being ignored. The weather forecast says it’s going to snow heavily, but never for so many hours in a row. I think there is a great coordination that can always be improved.

Q: the 40th anniversary of the 23rd floor is coming. Where were you that day?

A. Because he was in a very dangerous place, in the alpine brigade of Yaka, carrying out the militia tasks that had to be carried out at that time. My driver’s license was suspended and I watched the radio all night. By the way, I’ve seen snow in huska, but like Philomena, it’s not.