Atul’S Last Failure

2021-02-19   |   by CusiGO

In his memoirs, Josep Anthony Duran Leda wrote that Artur MAS “clearly lacked political coherence.”. Any former leader of uni ó n democracy, the younger brother of the extinct Convergencia I uni ó n (CIU), has a particularly subjective impression of the former President: he is mainly responsible for the disappearance of the CIU, especially the political conflict, This led to Catalonia’s unilateral competition for independence, and in fact, more people lost in the most important strategic decision in its history. The last example is the pdecat, which in 2016 pushed for an integration submerged by corruption: the newly formed future is in jeopardy because there are no parliamentary representatives in the autonomous elections on February 14.

The first failure of MAS occurred nearly 20 years ago: in the 2003 parliamentary election, he was the leader of the CIU. At that time, the coalition led by Jodi Puyol defeated the Catalan Socialist Party (PSC) in votes and seats. Convinced that he would easily form a government through an agreement with the Republic of Esquire (ERC), the candidate spent a few days in the Canary Islands, and Pasqual malagle’s PSC, ERC and Catalan Green Initiative (ICV) ecosocialists agreed to form a tripartite government. This means that there was an internal earthquake in the CIU, and even Puyol erased the mistake from the dolphins.

But it will take seven years to come to power. In 2010, after two tripartite governments came to power, the CIU won an overwhelming victory in the election, reaching 62 representatives, accounting for only six of the absolute majority. The joy lasted two years. The president held an early election in 2012, and his sudden turn to independence is expected to further strengthen his hegemony in Parliament. In the campaign of these elections, there is a poster worthy of commemoration. In the poster, as a father in the Bible, he stretched out his arms in front of a sea of national flags with the slogan “will of the people”. CIU lost 12 members, down from 62 to 50; ERC benefited from Arreon and supported separation from Spain.

Josep L ó PEZ de Lerma, a former member of the CIU, said in his book that when we drew something in Madrid, he entrusted the negotiations between the government and ERC to his “young Guardian” in 2003. Lopez Delmar called it a “serious mistake.”. Oriol Puyol, the son of David Madi and Jodie Puyol, is the most famous name in this new internal power group. They are highly independent integrationists. Maddy played an important role in the success of the 2010 election, but also in the biggest failure of MAS’s career: the autonomous election in 2015.

MAS called for the 2015 election to be an independent referendum. If the Catalan Nationalist Party wins a majority, his campaign list, judges pel, promises to declare Catalonia independent within 18 months. Junts pel is an alliance between Catalonia’s democratic integration (CIU was dissolved at that time), ERC and Catalonia’s national assembly and cultural union. Despite the fact that the independence party did not win a majority, juntz Pell decided to continue the counter revolution for 18 months. To do this, he needs the support of the anti capitalists in the cup, who demand that he no longer be president of the government. The leader of the Centers for Disease Control and prevention resigned and left the political front line to his successor, Carles puygedmont.

Duran I Lleida’s MAS “obviously lacks political coherence”, which appears in black and white in the former president’s book “cold head, warm heart” published in 2020. In this work, MAS admits that he does not believe in the promise of unilateral independence within 18 months. This confession may be interpreted as deceiving the voters, but it is also a kind of self deceiving behavior: more importantly, he proposed a strategy that he did not believe to junts pel yes, because if he was elected president, he could suspend the strategy at the last moment by calling a new election. Cup tried to stop his plan and let him leave the government.

Since the collapse of the unilateral independence cause in 2017, the post integration world led by him has been divided into three political parties. Junts per Catalunya of Catalonia, presided over by puigdemont, consolidated his position as the successor of CIU’s conservative nationalism. But he bet on supporting pdecat in past elections. The training led by angel Chacon received 77000 votes and no parliamentary representation. The former president, who has no job at pdecat, confirmed on radio Rac-1 this week that the game is “meaningful and feasible in the future.”. The political veteran won’t even win a seat in moderate independency. He was interviewed by the country in February last year, but said he had no “any responsibility” for what has happened in Catalonia’s politics since 2017.