Together, We Can Stand Up For The “Retaliation” Against The Police During The Hassle Protests

2021-02-18   |   by CusiGO

On Wednesday, Unidos Puedo expressed disgust with police charges in the riot triggered by rapper Pablo hasel’s free demonstration, but did not condemn repeated violence in several cities. Pablo echenique, a parliamentary group spokesman and a member of Parliament from pumeblo, tweeted: “I fully support the young anti fascists who are calling for justice and freedom of speech on the streets. Yesterday in Barcelona, today in the sun gate. Violence against the eyes of the protestors must be investigated and firmly held accountable. ”

Similarly, Jaime asens, the chairman of the joint parliamentary group, a member of Parliament and a member of nkom bodem, wrote on social media after learning that a wound in the Barcelona protest the day before was blinded by a bubble ball of Moss: “rap can’t be considered a crime, it can’t be a demonstration In support of hassle, he could not risk losing an eye. We stand in solidarity with the victims and retaliate against the actions of the mosos. ” Yassen did not mention the violence that took place during the demonstrations on Tuesday, or the violence that took place during the protests in several cities on Wednesday.

A few hours ago, Gerardo pisarello, first Secretary of the presidium of Congress and Congressman nkombodem, called the riots during the demonstrations held in Barcelona, Vick, Leda, Ruth and Girona after the arrest of rapper Pablo hasel “unwelcome”, But he insisted that most of the protests were “absolutely peaceful.”. On Tuesday night, the protestors destroyed Vic’s Catalan police station and the police were forced into a corner to seek help. However, pizarello called for not to lose focus on the damage caused, but to focus on ending “oppressive and outdated laws that are threatening freedom of criticism.”.

The UN could file an unregistered amnesty request for the singer’s release. “It is an anomaly of democracy to have provisions allowing musicians or journalists to go to prison for opposing the monarchy or repression”, such as “conservative judges who do not apply the law in accordance with the human rights conventions”, He assured a spokesman for nkom bodham at a congressional news conference.

Pisarello called on President Pedro Sanchez to pardon “as urgently as possible”, and encouraged all “democratic political forces” to unite to change the law “to prevent certain right wingers from using these forces to persecute dissidents and political criticism”. “The fundamental problem is not to solve these cases all at once, but that parliament must make a decision to promote regulatory reform so that it does not happen again,” he stressed.

On Wednesday, Senator Carles Mulet of combomis also asked the Justice Department for a pardon, demanding an investigation into the rapper case and a review of his position on punishment for insulting and defaming the monarchy, EFE reported. The senator called on the PSOE coalition government and Unidos Mayo “not to look at each other in a different light and sign amnesty orders for the crimes and types of punishment he claimed not to share.”.