Together, We Can Avoid Condemning The Violence In The Protests In Support Of Pablo Hassel

2021-02-18   |   by CusiGO

Violent riots in several Spanish capitals, mainly young people protesting the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hassel, have opened a new front for the government and once again exposed the rift between its partners. The U.N. failed to explicitly denounce the riots after parliamentary spokesman Pablo echenique tweeted in support of the protests on Wednesday. Not only was echenik not disappointed with the violent results of the protests, but on Thursday he posted a new twitter with photos of police charges and a protester who lost his eyes in Barcelona. His colleague Rafael mayoral also did not denounce the destruction, and stressed in his party speech that he believed that the Spanish democratic system was flawed in explaining the origin of the protests: “some departments do not want to solve the fundamental problem and try to deal with it as a public order problem.”

Prior to mayoral’s address to parliament on Thursday morning, the government’s socialist party had made its position clear through the words of first vice president Carmen Calvo. “It’s one thing to defend a demanding democracy, and another to encourage a situation in which people are injured and detained,” she said in an interview with a U.N. spokesman’s “we can” position. “An inappropriate demonstration was not reported,” he said. Detained, destroyed… Facts are more valuable than the analysis we can make. All rights are limited, and so are fundamental rights, if not unrealistic. Freedom of speech is the core, but it has limitations. It has nothing to do with freedom of speech. ”

After vice president mayoral’s speech, another of our main leaders, like echenik, insisted on supporting the motives of the protestors, It avoided condemning violence and turned the issue into a number of reflections on Spain’s pending democratic issues. Otherwise, we won’t understand what happened. No one can go to jail for expressing his opinions. No one should turn a blind eye to demonstrations. What people need is to know that there are democratic channels and that no one will be persecuted because of their political views. “We don’t agree with these views, but I don’t think it should be subject to criminal retaliation,” mayoral said.

When most people denounce the violent reaction on the street these days, they refuse to answer directly and hope to develop their views on other questions in the long run: “it’s important to look at the problems, first of all the reasons. What we are facing is not the problem of public order, but the need to deepen democracy and democracy as a basic tool to deal with serious situations such as imprisonment. ”

The opposition launched a campaign against the government in Tromba, especially the small partner of the opposition coalition, and the people’s party urged the prosecutor’s office to take action and, in the words of its parliamentary spokesman, KUKA gamara, to embark on “the rogue path of our leaders.”. People want the prosecutor’s office to investigate “mobilization through social media.”. “Sanchez must today remove Iglesias, the party’s top leader in encouraging violence,” gamara said.

The BJP offensive has begun tomorrow, with Isabel Dias ayuso, President of the Madrid community, and Jose Luis Martinez Almeida, mayor of the capital, visiting the sungate area where the destruction took place. There, ayuso also called for the dissolution of the church.

Both citizens and vox used the plenary session of Congress to denounce the riots, support the security forces, and express regret for the demonstration in echenik. “If he has any dignity, he should take it back and apologize to the police,” citizen representative Maria mu รจ oz said from the rostrum. The group will submit a parliamentary initiative calling on the government as a whole, especially the socialist party, to correct the position of minority partners by further questioning the performance of the police.

Ivan Espinosa de Los Monteros, vox spokesman, used his first speech in plenary session to accuse “politicians who incite violence on social media.”. “I’m ashamed of Mr. echenick! “He added – U.N. spokesman Mabel was in the plenary earlier this morning, but he had left the chamber by then.

In his speech at the plenary session of Congress since he was jailed for a week, Hassell strongly criticized the judicial ruling of the left-wing group of PSOE, and right-wing members also retorted that they accused the former members of providing asylum for a person convicted of inciting terrorism. The socialists avoided getting involved in the argument.

At the meeting on Tuesday, a rap singer’s song could even be heard in the hall. Before his speech on the platform, he played the song briefly on his mobile phone. In the applause of the ERC presidium, Albert botran, vice chairman of the cup, gave a speech. On Thursday, Bertrand was criticized by right-wing lawmakers, especially from Vox, who used another intervention to blame the police for the sungate incident. “Look at your fingers, not the moon. “Ask yourself why so many young people took part in the demonstration and eventually clashed with the police,” said a spokesman for the anti capitalist group, who eventually responded to the protest: “don’t yell, be a little self critical.” However, it was the ERC leader, oriol junkeras, who was convicted of sedition and called for “strict peace” in the protest.