Third Night Of Catalonia’S Protest Against Pablo Hassell Prison

2021-02-18   |   by CusiGO

Rioting has returned to the streets of Catalonia for the third night in a row to protest the release of rapper Pablo Hassel, who was jailed on Tuesday. In Barcelona, about 500 people gathered in front of the interior ministry, where some started shooting at police lines. The protestors then marched along diptasion street and damaged the stained glass of Catalan newspapers, where they also painted. In Valencia, the national police also charged the protestors who protested in Valencia the next day.

The riots in Barcelona began after the first container roadblock in downtown Aragon and Byron streets was lit. Mosos crossed the fire and some neighbors threw water from their balconies. A reporter drove away a car to prevent it from burning down. The mosos then dispersed the concentration, and the situation spread through the streets of Aix, with several incidents. A policeman was injured by throwing stones into the car.

The third night of protests in Catalonia, the capital, has lost follow-up. According to police, from 4500 on Tuesday to 1700 on Wednesday and about 500 on Thursday. In sabadel, Catalan police also reported “violent groups” throwing “eggs, fences and bottles” at the mosos police line in front of the national police station. There are also burning container roadblocks, they say. In talagona, containers on Catalonia Avenue were burned and cut off on both sides.

In the first two days of the demonstration, 51 people were arrested in Catalonia and 55 received health care (31 of them mosos). The most serious case was a 19-year-old girl who lost her eyesight in a crash investigated by Catalan police, a foam, a viscoelastic ball used by mosos. Today’s protests in Catalonia are also against the police crackdown, claiming that the Catalan police have taken action.

In Valencia, hundreds of people gathered to express their support for jailed rapper Pablo Hassel, and to reject police charges in several Spanish cities, condemning him for imprisonment. Powerful police devices cut off their access. It was then that police charges and persecution of the streets near St. Augustine’s Square began, where protests took place.

At least one person was injured and eight people were arrested. Ferran Bono reports that most of the people concentrated there are young people who demand the freedom of rappers and have marched into other parts of the capital under the pressure and pressure of the police. The rally, launched by an independent group through social media, started around 7 p.m. under the slogan of estem fartes, with a powerful police device to control hundreds of young people gathered in the center of Valencia’s capital. On Tuesday, there was also an explosion in the capital of Valencia.