The People’S Party Lost Nearly Two Percentage Points In Its Vote Estimate After The Brazilian Confessed, According To The Cis

2021-02-18   |   by CusiGO

The people’s party began to blame the influence of Louis barsenas’ confession, which claimed on February 3 that the party had obtained illegal funds between 1982 and 2009. According to the latest barometer from the center for sociological research (CIS), popular voting is expected to drop by nearly two percentage points, from 20.5% in January to 18.8% today. The party that benefited the most from the decline was Vox, whose turnout rose from 13% last month to 13.6% on the barometer, a slight improvement. The PSOE will win the election again, in line with January’s estimate of 30.7%.

In addition, Pedro s á nchez’s Unidos Pueblo increased from 10.7% to 11.2%, which will further strengthen the coalition government. Citizens, on the other hand, remain the fifth largest political force, with an estimated turnout of 9.3%. The investigation was conducted during the Catalan elections from February 3 to 11, when there was a so-called “cross legal” conflict between two political parties in the executive branch, and vice president Pablo Iglesias issued a statement questioning the quality of Spanish democracy.

Since the publication of the draft on February 2 by the Ministry of equality under Irene Montero, several statements have been issued, On the ninth day, the church’s comments sparked controversy. They questioned whether Spain was a fully democratic country because of the existence of “political prisoners” and exiles, referring to Catalan independents who participated in the trial.

Government president Pedro s á nchez remains the most valuable leader, repeating the barometer results of December and January with an average of 4.3. After that, ines took the lead by 3.8 points, the same as in January, and the leader of the people’s Party took the lead by 3.3 points, one tenth lower than last month. Pablo Iglesias, the leader of the Federation, also lost by a tenth to keep at 3.1, while Santiago abascal, the vox leader, was up by a tenth from January, although he was still at the bottom with a score of 2.6.

While interviewing Pablo hasel, there was also a clash between PSOE and United pomos, who each proposed to reform the criminal code for crimes committed by public opinion, after rap singer Pablo hasel was jailed on Tuesday. The Federation had intended to put forward a legal proposal on the 9th, but moncro and the Ministry of Justice announced the same reform the night before. All this took place in the context of the Catalan election, in which the independents announced on February 11 that they would not reach an agreement with El Salvador IRA’s PSC, who won on February 14.