The People’S Party Applauded For Itself

2021-02-18   |   by CusiGO

Paul cassado’s vote was impossible in advance: he was beaten in the ballot box and appeared in the government control session of Congress after his party was questioned. So the leader of the people’s party dodged his own cheers on Wednesday, as a way of self commendation, avoiding a confrontation with Pedro Sanchez and seeking the most helpful way to focus on distributing firewood to a happy Pablo Iglesias to play the leading role in the gift. His opponent’s rhetoric to the people’s party was taken for granted, and cassado did not break in. Sanchez turned to a classic film, Joseph Rossi’s servant, to call him vox’s junior. Less subtle, Iglesias calls it “the far right pagavant.”. “Poor thing,” said the second vice president.

A good congressman needs a special gift of applause almost as much as his speaking skills or subject knowledge. There are some members, especially those from large groups, who seldom speak on the podium, and there are many stars who clap their hands in their seats. The political relevance of this kind of applause will soon be learned by new members of Congress. Vox has got permission to do this: every speech made by one of your members on any issue at any time of the day is warmly applauded by all colleagues standing there. The audience will have a feeling that he may have accidentally seen Abraham Lincoln’s speech at Gettysburg.

The people’s party did the same thing on Wednesday. Casado’s two speeches were praised by him, almost the rumble of an inaugural ceremony. The applause sent a political message – to support the leader after hours – that they were not sitting on the government bench a few minutes later. Contrary to tradition, socialists disapprove of church intervention. The official version denies it was premeditated. No one can deny that the atmosphere in Congress – in the halls and corridors – is full of accusations among government partners. After the eve of unity, we can refuse to support the socialist law zero as long as the socialists do not agree to support the cross union law.

Facing Sanchez, cassado wants to put in front of him everything his party has condemned in recent days. These are the legitimate reasons for the election failure in Catalonia. These conspiracies hurt them. The people blame the CIS and the prosecutor’s office. These are not from the party leaders on Wednesday. Casado insisted that the church resign because he called it a “disgrace”: questioning the quality of Spanish democracy and criticizing judges and the media.

Another major victim of the 14-F, citizen leader ines arrimadas, went the same way, blaming Unidos pomos for Barcelona after rapper Pablo hasel was jailed. There’s a little hole over there. Instead, the citizen leader met with the president’s recognition of the role of Communists in Spain’s struggle for democracy.

Sanchez used his dialectical intersection with cassado to try to get rid of the controversial message he delivered at the last government control conference two weeks ago, when he thought vox was “more national minded” than the BJP. This time, Sanchez disqualified the San Diego Abbas Kar party, which he accused of being one of them. The incident aroused hatred for immigrants and invited married people to appeal to themselves to take responsibility and not to be “eaten” by the extreme right. Both he and alimada asked them to break all vox agreements. A few minutes later, Sanchez heard his second vice president withdraw his comment on Abbas Carr’s “national consciousness” without being asked. In a debate with vox MP Macarena olona, Iglesias clarified: “I don’t think your political power has any status.”

As for the formation of the Catalan government, the socialists, starting with Sanchez himself, sent a message to ERC, asking it to break with junts and seek what the president called “left-wing exit”. The chief executive has been extremely harsh on Mr. junts Miriam Nogueras, accusing her of welcoming her in her current “xenophobic” team. Catalan socialist Jos é saragoza, who will then reinforce this message, more explicitly demands that Esquire “stop ruling on the right” and equate junts with Vox, says: “xenophobic in Spanish is the same as xenophobic in Catalan.” It is during the debate on an ERC motion calling for an immediate referendum that the house of representatives will veto today. PSOE (no) will not vote here, we can (abstain), even though the difference is agreed in advance.