Purple Diamond Family

2021-02-18   |   by CusiGO

It all happened in a flash. The fake jeweler, the jeweler, put the diamond in the safe. But before closing it, he asked to check the stone’s safety seal. He did so, went out and called the so-called buyer and ended the acquisition. Seeing that he had been back for a long time, the shopkeeper nervously asked to check the safe. When he opened it, he found that the small box was still there, but empty, purple diamonds, a unique gem, 3.2 carats, worth 7 million to 15 million euros, had disappeared. And he, the valuer and the buyer.

A robbery in Barcelona this century occurred on January 2, 2020, at the headquarters of an intermediary company on Montana street, which was also defrauded. It’s hard to find fancy or colorful diamonds on the market. “The color of natural diamonds is transparent or yellow. “The proportion of colors is very low,” explains Marta camps, a jewelry expert at Barcelona’s balclis auction house. He said colors are caused by different factors, such as natural radiation, temperature or pressure. “They’re very popular because they’re rare,” he explained. That’s why transactions are made through intermediaries, which find themselves buying this exotic part and connecting with suppliers. “In Barcelona, there may be some jewelry stores that have a fantasy, but it’s unusual,” he clarified. He added that he suggested “proving them”: “if they come from the earth and they have this color, they have astronomical value.”

The problem with this case is that the so-called middleman is neither a stonecutter nor a diamond expert. Mossos Israel Garc í a, deputy director of the Barcelona Bureau of investigation, explained that they were a family of swindlers with at least nine members.

The case was handed over to Catalan police on the same day as the robbery, when the owner of the diamond, a Swiss businessman, arrived at Barcelona airport with the diamond and a private escort service and found that he was the victim of a film fraud. “In the box they left behind, we found a footprint,” the inspector explained. Along with her, something appeared in the police system: her owner, eight years ago, was known as a mosos for stealing in the Barcelona subway.

With these photos and data, they visited different luxury hotels where they held meetings before the robbery, such as Mandala, Hesperia or the palace, and found that the so-called gem experts and Barcelona subway robbers were a couple. “By then, they had completely changed. They pretend to be people with purchasing power. “If necessary, they will rent a Mercedes and park it at the door of the hotel,” Garcia explained. All this is to convince victims that they are buyers, brokers, diamond experts. When they are actually a family of professional swindlers, they have climbed the crime pyramid.

The mosos and the national police are also tracking down the swindlers, who informed France in June. The family lives there. They started a joint operation. But they didn’t stop another big blow in time. This time, they chose Cannes, the exclusive city famous for the film festival, and Martinez, the legendary five-star hotel. A woman, probably a gemologist in Barcelona, was involved in another Swiss rich man. His diamond is not fancy, but a 111 carat traditional diamond worth 4.5 million euros. Again, through the art of deception, they make him disappear, they disappear.

It happened in August. Earlier, they were also accused of swindling a new Swiss car collector. To convince him that they would buy a car, he was stolen 180000 euros. In October, the police also monitored a trip to Valencia, but no action was taken.

According to judicial sources, in November, French police arrested three women aged 26 to 53 and six men, all family members of Romanian, French and Serb nationality, charged with collusion with criminals, preparation for crime, organized gang robbery and fraud. Eight are still in prison and one in ten are wanted.

They are also chasing diamonds that have not yet appeared. “We suspect they want to sell them in Dubai,” said Inspector Garcia, but because of the pandemic, they were unable to travel. Among the three record companies in France, they found a pink suitcase, just like the suitcase they used in the Cannes robbery, two jewelry certificates, counterfeit notes, 10000 euros and a USB with access to the cryptocurrency wallet. But they didn’t find any trace of the gem.