Post Demonstration Violence

2021-02-18   |   by CusiGO

Protests against the imprisonment of rapper Pablo hasel left scenes of street violence in Catalonia and Madrid, burning containers, destroying and attacking police lines, and even flattening a mossos police station in Vick, Barcelona. In both cases, the participants were mostly young people or even minors behind the riots. Catalan police estimate that 250 of the 1700 people concentrated in Barcelona were violent, and in Barcelona, it was the largest riot in Barcelona two years ago due to the trial verdict. According to police, Madrid has 40 out of 1200 people. In both cases, they were unreported demonstrations in response to general calls on social media for “rap freedom” and freedom of speech.

Catalonia arrested 51 people after two days of protests, compared with 19 (six of them minors) arrested in Madrid on Thursday alone. Other towns (taragona, Vick, Granada, Burgos, Guadalajara, Toledo, etc.) also joined Hassel’s demonstration, and those arrested in Madrid were free after testifying to a judge.

Catalonia also has a higher number of injuries, with 55 people receiving health care (31 of whom are mosos) and a 19-year-old girl who admitted in an interview that she threw objects at police because she was “angry” and lost an eye. In Madrid, more than 50 people were injured, including 32 police officers.

“It’s a mixture of violent and aggressive people who create riots on the pretext of legitimate demonstrations,” mossos spokesman Joan Carles molinero explained at a news conference on Thursday. He mentioned the profile of “people of all kinds, different characteristics and ages”. In Barcelona alone, the detainees were between the ages of 16 and 25, most of whom had no criminal record, with the exception of some ordinary criminals who joined the shop robberies at the end of the riot.

In Madrid, by contrast, in amalgam, the police have identified the most violent people: “they are members of extreme left-wing groups,” they said. “On Wednesday, they were summoned by the Madrid anti oppression movement (MAR), which brings together extreme left and extreme left groups, anarchists (the most violent, not affiliated with anyone or anyone), the castrana left (castranista and the anti fascist party), the 14th District (morataraz District), or District 104 (Latin America) “, police sources detailed. They are the group that “sleeps better” in the pandemic.

“There are some departments trying to restore the spirit after the trial,” mossos sources said, adding that urquinana square is a symbolic place. In fact, during the March, the press found people associated with revolutionary independents who had rich experience in street incidents over the past few years, such as attempts to attack parliament or harass the police headquarters in vialetana. The same sources point out that boredom with the epidemic, negatives, anarchists and young people seeking adrenaline are also on the rise.

However, the performance of Pro rap singers is different from that of recent years. No flags, no steles, no banners, and lots of dark clothes. “We’re here for freedom of speech and hassle,” they repeated when asked about the participants. Without more speeches and organizations, there are Koreans in Madrid: “here are anti fascists.”

After the serious conflict, demonstrations in Catalonia turned from demanding rapper hassle’s freedom to protesting police crackdown.

As the curfew approaches, most people either leave or move freely. On Tuesday in Barcelona, a young man broke a glass in a mercadona truck. His companions laughed and said, “you are crazy.” Apart from the classic “manipulative Spanish media”, no one claims independence or the hymn inherited from proses.

Although they are young, some of them become sophisticated in the street struggle. When they face, wait or look for the police, they quickly organize to set up roadblocks and set fire to containers. Other inexperienced people scream and like to throw things without worrying about how many people are watching them. Nor is there a regular figure among activists calling on their team to remain calm. They were protests without guidelines and gathered followers at the end of the evening. The streets are still hot.