Jos É Tenera Denied The Charges When He First Met With The Spanish Judiciary After His Arrest In France.

2021-02-18   |   by CusiGO

Josu Ternera, the former leader of ETA, made his first appearance, Since his arrest in France in May 2019, Spain’s justice ministry ended its trial of former president attara on Wednesday, in which he denied involvement in two Spanish cases demanding his transfer. At the Paris court, a city on probation under telecoms control, national court judge Santiago pedraz learned via videoconference that he was charged with an explosion in Vitoria in 1980 that killed Luis Maria ghegata, Michelin is a director of the company and funds terrorist groups through herriko pubs, where supporters of the radical left-wing arbazar gather. In the last case, the Gallas authorities had explicitly authorized his transfer, but he was tried at 70 year old urrutikoetxea, where he would serve his sentence if convicted.

In two interrogative statements attached to this judicial process, tenera refused to answer questions from the judge, the prosecutor’s office and the indictment, and then read his two texts in Spanish and French. Urrutikoetxea assured that the attack was not launched by military ETA, but another branch of the terrorist organization, the so-called political military ETA or P-M ETA, which began to operate in the early 1980s, so he did not participate because he did not belong to the latter, They gave a detailed introduction to the legal sources of the law. In this regard, former leader attara assured that there was a police report in the file that attributed the attack to ETA p-m. in fact, the terrorist organization even claimed responsibility for the attack in one of its internal publications.

In the case of financing armed groups through La herriko tabernas, Ternera assured that, according to the indictment issued by the then national court judge Baltasar garz ó n in 2015, he did not remember attending four meetings of the police investigation. It is said that between May 2000 and March 2001, tenera and other Batasuna leaders reached an agreement on the financing channels for the Basque national liberation movement (mlnv), a merger of ETA controlled organizations. As a result, in 2015, the Supreme Court sentenced another 20 Batasuna leaders to one year and three months’ imprisonment for cooperating with terrorist organizations. The high court subsequently approved the confiscation of 107 herrikos for auction “in the national interest.”. It started in April last year and was shocked by the epidemic.

On Wednesday, urrutikoetxea said he did not remember attending the alleged meeting, recalling that in those months he was a member of the Basque parliament, and yuscal hritarok was the election symbol of the left wing of aberzar, As an elected official, he held a number of meetings with representatives of civil society, trade unions and other associations in their or their own political parties. Tenera also denied that he was a member of ETA at the time and blamed the start of the case on the Spanish court’s attempt to “criminalize politics.”. Urrutikoetxea fled and went into hiding 20 months after his last meeting in November 2002, when the Supreme Court summoned him to testify, accusing him of involvement in the 1987 bombing of a barracks house in Zaragoza, which killed 11 people, six of them children, Spain is now asking France to surrender for another reason.

Since that escape, for 17 years, The whereabouts of the former leader Atala remained unknown until May 16, 2019, when he was arrested by the French National Guard and DGSI while entering a medical center in the town of Sallanches in the French Alps to treat cancer. Since then, he has been on remand pending trial, and on July 30 last year, a French court granted him a suspended sentence. Since then, veal has lived in an apartment in Paris, where he can leave for several hours a day under the control of a remote-controlled bracelet. Urrutikoetxea has two pending cases in French courts. He was convicted while in hiding, but the leader of ETA has asked for a retrial. One of them was sentenced to eight years in prison, and a new hearing is scheduled for the first half of 2021.

After his arrest in 2019, the National High Court reactivated two European arrest warrants and many other extradition requests, which were legal instruments used before the establishment of the 1993 European arrest warrant against the long-standing leader ETA la. In addition to the crimes of financing ETA and Michelin’s management, the Spanish Ministry of justice has accused tenera of involvement in the attack on the headquarters in Zaragoza. He also asked him to be tried for crimes against humanity, and other former ETA leaders, such as garikoiz aspiazu, terceroke, Mikel carrela, Atta and angel iriondo gulbitz, were also charged. Among the four cases, the French Supreme Court has agreed to transfer the cases of aiding ETA and the Zaragoza bombings, while the Mavericks’ appeal against the 1980 fatal bombings remains unresolved. In July, the French court rejected the motion in the case of crimes against humanity, holding that such crimes do not exist in the Gallic penal code.