The Cup Was Divided Before Deciding Whether To Support The New Catalan Government

2021-02-17   |   by CusiGO

Republican esquerra Republic made cup a priority for forming a new government in Catalonia after the 14-F election, but received a cold reception. The Republicans met with anti capitalists on Wednesday, but they were divided on whether to participate in the new administration. Candidate leader Dolors sabater said on Tuesday that his goal was to limit the legislature. The problem is that, at least so far, the two most representative nominating entities, which are made up of more than a dozen groups, have issued opposite communiques and messages. The proposal to help establish a government with a series of minimum levels in both social and sovereign fields, while endavant not only refuses to enter the executive branch, but also refuses to become the “crutch” of the executive branch.

The two parties, ERC and cup, have held a second meeting. Dolores Sabat said on Tuesday that his goal is to restrict the legislature, but did not attend secret meetings. On Monday, Pope lliure put forward a plan to deal with the crisis; the other plan is to sever relations with the state and finally hold a referendum in 2025, which will eventually win international recognition and fight for “amnesty, prisoners and exiles”. In a statement on Tuesday, endavant said that junts and ERC tried to negotiate a referendum only when they thought the government would not accept it at all. “The ideology and order view of liberalism and independence make them unable to imagine that independence can only be the result of political rebellion”. They despise past formulas, such as orderly legal transition and abstract “fraudulent promises”. “We will not be a crutch to accept cuts and privatizations by countries and the EU, let alone support the idea that the referendum will be negotiated,” they said.

There are regular disagreements between the two souls of the organization, such as Artur MAS’s mandate (frustrated) or the decision of able ure to run in the first general election in 2016 according to the criteria of the cup. Finally, they attended the meeting in December 2016 and elected two representatives: mireia veh í (endavant) and Albert boltran (able life). If a government is re established between ERC and junts, Pere Aragones will need three of the nine anti capitalist votes to become president. Ndawat’s most famous faces are Anna Gabriel or elected councillors Carles Riera and Eul á LIA reguant. In the communique, he called for the cup agreement passed on January 23, which strengthens the “opposition” attitude to government sovereignty or the broad front led by PSOE.

The world cup is ushering in its era, and it warned on Tuesday that it is not in a hurry: it will analyze the results on February 27, and then begin the debate on combat effectiveness. Father Aragon has to wait. After meeting with ERC at noon today, anti capitalists said in a statement that they had assessed the short, medium and long term situation after the 14-F and noted that voters had turned to the left and moved towards the “Republic of Catalonia.”. Riera, reguant, Xavier Pellicer (elected representative of Barcelona) and Pau juvil á (Leda) attended the meeting.

Negotiations are complicated, not just because of internal differences in the cup. They were puzzled by mossos d’esquadra’s performance in a protest against jailing rapper Pablo Hassell. Maria sirvent, a former anti capitalist MP, warned that it would be difficult to have any form of solidarity with these acts. “When you see this kind of violence against dissidents, it’s very difficult to unite,” he said, stressing that they used foam bullets.

The protests injured 18 detainees and 33 others in Barcelona, Girona, Leda, Al camp and Osona, where they clashed with roadblocks and caused material damage. In Vick, some protestors caused damage at the mosos police station, and in Barcelona, nearly 100 containers were burned. Vick mayor Anna Ella criticized the attitude of the protestors, saying they had crossed the red line.