Basanas Will Be The First To Appear On The Kitchen Committee, And Rajoy Will Be The Last.

2021-02-17   |   by CusiGO

The presidium responsible for directing and directing the work of the Congressional Commission of inquiry on operation kitchen, which was suspected of using the resources and funds reserved from the Ministry of the interior during the Mariano Rajoy administration to monitor former PPP spokesman Luis bassanas in 2013, He met on Wednesday and decided to summon bassanas himself, the key figure in the G ü RTEL case, as the first person to appear in court. The hearing will be held on March 11, accompanied by two former senior police officers. At its first meeting, the Committee prioritized the attendance of senior police officials and postponed the attendance of former political leaders, former Secretary of state and ministers, as well as former president Mariano Rajoy himself, to the last time, but not yet.

The kitchen investigation committee, officially known as the “Committee on the illegal use of personnel, resources and resources of the Ministry of the interior”, aims to promote the political interests of the people’s party and overturn the party’s alleged evidence in corruption cases, When the people’s party was in power, it was fully approved in October last year, but it did not start operation until the end of January. After the Catalan campaign, the Bureau of the committee was summoned to arrange for the next step and to solve the problem of how to bring the 30 candidates initially approved to the list compiled by the PSOE, which was supported, inter Alia, by the Federation. During the meeting of the committee, if there is any relevant development that needs to be clarified, the committee can call more people during the meeting.

The list approved on Wednesday concluded that the hearing would begin with a key figure in the major scandal affecting the people’s party in recent years, as the G ü RTEL case came to light. Bassanas, who was illegally monitored by a private conspiracy in the kitchen operation, will go to Congress on March 11. At that time, the national hearing will hold a trial session, which began last week to hear the so-called bassanian documents, that is, through a b-box illegal contract to rebuild the historic party headquarters at 13 Genoa street in Madrid, Pablo is now married However, despite the postponement of the hearing following the illness of a defendant and the illness of former PP manager Christobal P á EZ due to coronavirus, he is expected to announce that the PP’s predecessor will be absent for the rest of the hearing until the last period, The end of May is expected.

On the first day of the committee, members Miguel Angel bayo herrenz and Felipe Eduardo lacasa C ó rdoba, who were investigated between 2013 and 2016, had to attend, They are responsible for the transfer of retained funds received from the Ministry of the interior to the national police force. They have all testified as witnesses at national hearings, and their testimony shows that they have lost control over the use of retained funds, some of which are alleged to have been diverted to fund kitchen operations.

At a subsequent meeting, it is planned to appoint Commissioner Jose Antonio Rodriguez Gonzalez, the current director of the research and coordination office of the Ministry of national security, and captain Diego Perez Delos Cobos of the Civil Guard, in accordance with this order, He was responsible for the coordination of the security forces in the operation of the illegal referendum in Catalonia on October 1, 2017, and held the same position as commissioner Rodriguez. It can be seen from this allegation that the Ministry of the interior provides about 6 million euros a year in dedicated funds to the police and the Civil Guard.

At subsequent meetings, the Commission will continue to hear the views and opinions of a number of police officers, including Manuel morocho, the chief prosecutor in charge of the investigation of the G ü RTEL case, whose work is reported to have been destroyed by a kitchen plot. Then there are chief inspectors Bonifacio Dias seviliano and Jose Angel Fuentes Gago, both designated as members of the so-called patriotic Brigade – the police group that is said to have been monitoring the political opponents of the BJP for a long time in Jorge fern á ndez D ï AZ’s interior ministry – and member Enrique Garcia Castano, Known as El Gordo, he was then head of the central operations support unit (ucao), responsible for the follow-up to counter-terrorism operations, and admitted to spying on Brazilians on orders from his police and political superiors.

More police officers who have been charged will also be summoned to appear in court. As a result, committee members Eugenio Pino and Marcelino will have to go to Congress, who are the top police chief at the stage of the incident, acting as deputy director of operations; and Andr é s g ó mez Gordo, who worked closely with Maria Dolores de cospeda as chairman of Castilla Mancha’s board of directors. Martin Blass, then head of the interior department, eventually clashed with other people involved.

Reference was also made to councilor Enrique Baron castaneo (then the top official in charge of the fight against terrorism), councilor Juan Antonio Gonzalez Garcia (the chief of the judicial police at the time of the investigation of the G ü RTEL case), Jos é Luis Olivera (the first head of udef, who was promoted to head of citco’s anti terrorism and organized crime intelligence center in the PP stage, is very close to villarejo), Eugenio perero (now head of police counterterrorism) and Mariano hevas (number two of ucao at the start of the kitchen operation). Some have testified. Javier Iglesias, a lawyer, will be present at the meeting. In his first speech, he defended Alvaro lapuerta, the former speaker of the PP, who has passed away. He is currently defending the wife of villareho; and Silvio Nieto, a pastor, Close to the former minister, Jorge Fernandez DIAS, he knew that there were text messages implicating him in the plot.

At the end of the first meeting, the Commission will summon rosalia Iglesias, bassanas’s wife, who was jailed for the G ü RTEL case; her driver, who was later found to have provided information to the plot for several months, is now sergeo Javier Rios esgueva, a police officer; Jorge Sanchis bordetas, a lawyer, Francisco mart í Nez, former cabinet minister, former Secretary of state for security and former Secretary of state for security of the people’s party, Jos é Antonio Nieto Ballesteros, retired Commissioner Jos é Manuel villarejo P é rez, has been jailed since November 2017 and is said to have led the dissolution in “conspiracy” Ignacio Cosi ó and Francisco mart í Nez are accused of maintaining judicial relations with former president fern á ndez D í AZ, one of his closest friends.

At its recent meetings, the Committee retained the presence of Dolores de cospeda’s husband, entrepreneur Ignacio Lopez del hiero, and the former Secretary General of the people’s party himself, with whom member villareho held several recorded talks. Last September, the office of the anti corruption prosecutor submitted a letter asking them to be summoned as defendants in the kitchen case, But so far, Manuel Garc í a Castell ó n, a judge of the National High Court, has rejected the request, and former minister fern á ndez D í AZ and former president Rajoy will eventually appear in court. The dates of these hearings have not yet been set. In principle, the committee set a working period of three months.