The People’S Party Will Leave The National Headquarters On Genoa Street

2021-02-16   |   by CusiGO

The people’s party left Genoa, 13 years old. The national headquarters of the people’s party in Madrid’s Genoa Street will become history, and the party will move to another location, as Pablo Casado, the leader of the people, announced in a speech to the national execution Committee on Tuesday. Cassado argued that his decision was that the people’s party could not remain in a headquarters whose reform was currently being tried in court because it was funded by black money. So the popular leader is trying to build a symbolic firewall with past scandals. At the same time, cassado announced that he would stop explaining the people’s party’s corruption case in Catalonia’s failed election. After admitting that “the result was not good”, cassado attributed the setback to a “perfect storm”, involving “the office of the prosecutor, CIS and public media. ”

Pablo cassado has moved. On Tuesday, the leader of the people’s party responded to criticism from the barons of Catalonia about the poor election results in Catalonia and decided to keep away from the burden of corruption, The leadership of the people’s party believes that this is the decisive factor for its party’s retrogression in the 14-F election. The most symbolic factor is that the seats of the people’s party have changed since 1983, but there are still more. The chairman of the people’s party admits that the goal is to “reduce the burden of the party in the past”, This exists because it continues to be tried in court: trials by Box B under the Bassana documents are in progress, and the trial schedule includes the kitchen, bunika and lezo cases, or the trial of so-called bribes offered by the corrupt network to the boadila Del Monte authorities over the past decade. (Madrid).

Casado announced that it would set up a new compliance department, “which will establish transparency, accountability and anonymous complaint channels, and provide absolute assurance, just like big companies.”. These two measures, that is, changing the headquarters and internal departments to monitor possible abnormal behaviors, are consistent with another political decision of the people’s party in the past. “From today on, the State Bureau will not make any explanation on any past problems For the benefit of the party, it may even hurt you, “he announced. “We can’t afford it at all,” he said.

The speech by the leaders of the people’s party avoided self-criticism on the poor outcome of the election in Catalonia. In the election in Catalonia, the people’s party lost a seat by 4-3, and the vote almost quadrupled. Cassado argues that the party has been the victim of “unprecedented deployment of attacks,” involving public media such as the prosecutor’s office and the CIS. The argument of the people’s Committee is that the prosecutor’s office leaked the confession of his predecessor, Luis balsenas, to the media in order to make it consistent with the Catalan movement, although this was known only a few days before the start of the trial in the bassena newspaper in February, which had been fixed for several months until the summons was published. election. The popular leader stressed that cassado’s team insisted that the fall of the Catalan people’s party was due to the influence of the confession of his predecessor, because once people knew that he intended to pull a blanket, “the people’s party fell behind the leader in the polls.”.

The failure of the Catalan election is a heavy blow to the leader of the main opposition party. He participated in the brand reconstruction of the Catalan people’s party to the maximum extent, but failed, because the Catalan people’s party has come out of its worst historical results. The people’s party is perplexed to see the increase of the voting rate, with 11 members, and the vote of Catalan people’s party is almost four times the original. Party tycoons on Tuesday asked management to “think deeply” and reduce “vacillation” in their speeches, fearing that cassado would now be infected by vox and radicalizing his strategy. No one has asked to resign at the moment.

Cassado has ruled out the fear of barons, reiterating that he is betting on “moving forward” marked by a no confidence motion, in which he breaks with Vaux. “I repeat the speech condemning the motion as a road map,” the people’s leader stressed in front of the people’s party’s territorial leader, who has always agreed that the party cannot count on vox and radicalism. In addition, the leader of the people’s party is also committed to promoting the reorganization of the right-wing center around his own brand. To this end, the people’s party will hold an open National Congress next autumn. At this meeting, the people’s party will start to work and issue a strategic political document as an appeal for opening up to Spaniards. Its purpose is to “absorb representatives of civil society from different departments” and “attract talents inside and outside the people’s party”. Cassado made it clear that he would recruit leaders from outside, which undoubtedly means the participation of citizens, as it has already begun to happen. The leader pointed out the need to continue to “open arms and accommodate more people, no matter what political project they come from.”.

The meeting of the NPP executive committee also coincided with the explosive statement made by the NPP parliamentary spokesman cayetana Alvarez de Toledo in Le Monde, which triggered a real domestic fire. Congressman Barcelona proposed an amendment to the BJP leader, saying that he “admitted that he would not be able to re-establish constitutional government” and “failed to live up to people’s hopes for him”. Alvarez de Toledo, who was sacked last summer after an interview with a country that the leaders of the people’s Party considered a challenge to her leadership, cautiously ran in Catalonia precisely because of Genoa’s wounds, but after the new challenge, her continuity in the party remains to be seen.