The Cup Showed His Letter To Negotiate The Key To An Independent Executive.

2021-02-16   |   by CusiGO

Cup once again played a decisive role in Catalan politics, winning nine seats in the 14-F and four seats in the 2017 election. Anti capitalist organizations have regained their representativeness in all four provinces, with the turnout surging from 4.46% to 7.69%. ERC and junts have 65 members, accounting for an absolute majority (68). If they receive social and political assistance conducive to self-determination, cup is ready to take “responsibility”. ERC leader Pere Aragon è s has decided to start negotiations with the left-wing parties because he believes that the left-wing parties are “indispensable”, and the party he supports most comes from “election appointment”.

Eul á LIA reguant, Barcelona’s third-largest candidate and a former elected member of the two legislatures, expressed her willingness to deal with “social assistance” measures and how independents “restore initiative and face”. “An independent government must be a choice,” she told Spanish National Radio’s R á DIO 4. Dolors sabater, the former mayor of Badalona, confirmed in her election evaluation that she was willing to take on these “responsibilities” if she fine tuned her four demands and agreed on actions and methods. He said that in the broad consensus of a “country”, they achieve it by promoting amnesty, referendum, social assistance and green economy. On TV3 on Monday night, Sabat explained that his goal is to adjust the policies of the future government to see how much they are prepared to accept them.

With a high degree of voter mobilization and a high percentage of loyalty – he is the one who uses “ideology” as a reason to vote in the polls – the cup conquers the volatility of the campaign and is the only independent candidate to improve its results. He benefited from a low participation rate of 53%. For example, compared with 2017, junts lost 1.63% of the votes – two seats and 380231 votes – ERC maintained 23% of the support, increased one member, but missed 332000 votes. Cup has not only increased the proportion, but is also represented in all four provinces: Barcelona has five (three); Girona has two (starting with one); talagona and Leda have restored the proportion.

With the exception of PSC and Vox, anti capitalists lost 6159 votes in most political parties. The balance sheet enabled him to pass a parliamentary term without a parliamentary group and shared with the people’s party. In addition, they have won special ties with the house of Commons, which retains eight seats (seven in Barcelona and one in talagona). With the exception of Barcelona, all provinces have surpassed them in the cup.

In the municipal elections of 2017 and 2019, this election map once again put cup at the center of the board of directors. His downfall led to a strategic shift. For the first time, there has been a favorable trend in the general election. They now have two members. Once again, their role is crucial: if ERC and junts reach an agreement, only three of the nine members can be authorized.

This will not be the first time they have diversified their vote. This situation is reminiscent of 2015, when judges pel yes, composed of CIU and ERC, added 62 seats, needed 10 seats in the cup, and finally forced Artur MAS to resign. The anti capitalists then invited Carls puygedmont: 70 in favor, 63 against and two abstaining (eight members voted for it and two abstained). In 2018, when he had fled the Spanish judicial system, cup finally hoped to invest in the former president by telematics and guarantee that junts would not support them. Then they abstained and invited quem tora (66 votes to 65). In the middle, he voted against it the day before he went to the Supreme Court to testify and go to jail.

The candidacy consists of two organizations: the cup on the one hand and guanim in Sabat on the other. They are parliamentary entities, and there are several families – some families are more inclined to reach an agreement than others – who will make a decision. The uncertainty will be twofold. Nevertheless, Sabat stressed that apart from Aragones, he could not see another president. “Independence has achieved historic results and can become a government. But we can’t make policies without considering social issues, “he said, referring to the fact that they are an inseparable axis for cups. “Everything has to be connected. Before we started talking about chairs, we reached a consensus. We’re going to reach out, but we’re not going to reach out blindly, “he said, pointing out that they’re running counter to the social model of junts.

Sabat is ahead because management has corrected it twice in the past few weeks. Before the election, the Political Committee sent a signal to the supreme leader that the election campaign should be more consistent and better explain that the willingness to enter the government depends on the conditions. The second episode follows an interview in which Sabat said the charges against Boras would be an “obstacle” to the inauguration. Management made it clear that the only veto would be “paralysis of the past three years.”. ERC’s victory over junts saved them from the ultimate dilemma.