The Contradiction Of Married Couple In Many Responsibilities Sharing

2021-02-16   |   by CusiGO

“In the whole campaign, we have never seen such attacks, nor have we seen the attorney general’s office, CIS and the public media involved in serving a political party.” Pablo cassado concluded that the so-called “perfect storm” explained his poor election results in Catalonia. The leader of the people’s party refused to criticize himself and fired in all directions, but contradicted some of his own statements and blood banks.

Guilty 1. The so-called agreement between bassanas and the prosecutor.

“Unfortunately, this strategy has proved to be effective, because the PP has been in the lead in the polls since the same day that bassanas’s letter of cooperation with the prosecutor’s office was published,” the party’s chairman said. The trial date for the so-called Bassana document is set for February 14, 2020, just one year before the Catalan election. Six days before the start of the lawsuit, the outreach member of the people’s party wrote to the prosecutor’s office, stressing that the party had a b-box, which was the country’s first reported case in January 2013. It was still ruled by Mariano Rajoy, who will win two elections after the release of this parallel statistic. In a letter to the prosecutor’s office, bassanas himself said that his silence in the past few years was due to the people’s party’s assurance that if he remained silent, his wife, rosalia Iglesias, would not go to prison. However, Iglesias was finally tried for financial crimes, money laundering and misappropriation of public funds, and was sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment. He was jailed in December last year. There was no agreement between bassanas and the prosecutor’s office, which demanded a further five-year sentence for blackmailers who had been sentenced to 29 years in other cases.

Guilty 2. CIS and opinion polls. In addition to the attorney general’s office, cassado also pointed out that CIS “has never seen (…) CIS participate in the service of the electoral party”. On February 3 last year, the CIS released a Blitzkrieg opinion survey on Catalonia, which almost confirmed the election results: the voting rate of PSC was estimated to be 23.7% (23.04%), and that of PP was estimated to be 5.8% (down to 3.85%).

Guilty 3. Media coverage and campaign attacks. Charges of serving the party also fall on the “public media.”, The people’s party even denounced rtve to the Central Election Commission for violating proportionality and neutrality in its election information, but the election commission refused to appeal, claiming that “the information age is dedicated to training” The electoral support the appellant received in the 2017 election is reasonable. ” He also mentioned that the leader of the people’s party launched an unprecedented “deployment attack” on his party during the election campaign, although the campaign was essentially an attack on his opponent, and although he himself had no evidence that the socialist candidate, former health minister Salvador illa, had been vaccinated against coronavirus earlier. Time. It’s a lie.

Guilty 4. Pedro Sanchez is on his way to independence.

The PP insisted on abstaining – a 26.55% drop in turnout compared with previous elections – defending its poor performance in Catalonia, but it does not apply to all parties. In the previous elections, when the people’s party occupied moncroya, the independent party’s vote rate (47.5%) was very close (47.5%), which is a non independent organization, namely PSC. In this Sunday’s vote, all those who support independence got more than half of the votes (51%).

Guilty 5. Lack of time.

In his report to the national execution Committee aimed at quelling internal criticism, cassado argued on Tuesday that his “predecessor” had “seven and a half years to consolidate a winning project.”. Jos é Mar í a Aznar lost the 1989 and 1993 elections and won in 1996, 2004 and 2008, respectively. But the former has 107 seats, while the latter has 123 (which was won in 2015). In the first vote, he won 66 delegates. Among the generals of the past, it will rise to 89 in 2019. These are the two lowest brands since PP was called PP.

Guilty 6. It depends on the outcome. On July 12 last year, in the context of a pandemic and declining turnout, the people’s party achieved very different results in the voting in Galicia and Basque. In Galicia, Alberto n ú Nez feij ó o rejected the union of citizens he intended to impose on Genoa. In fact, he imposed such a union on the Basque region. The president once again won his absolute majority, that is, fourth place. His campaign covered up the party’s acronyms and made a moderate speech, but left vox extremists with nothing. In the Basque region, the individual’s commitment to cassado did not sacrifice his candidate until a few weeks ago, losing four seats and ceding one to the far right. The national leadership of the people’s party then tried to describe Galicia’s victory as “the success of the married fiyo couple.”. “Casado fayo’s model is better than Sanchez Iglesias’s model,” Theodore Garcia aechenhai said. “More than a year ago, I promised that the national authority would respect its electoral strategy, that is, to be present alone, as requested by the Executive Council, and to use slogans,” cassado said on Tuesday, after a few loving words to the Catalan candidate Alejandro fern á ndez, The plan and direction of the campaign, and the establishment of the electoral list. ”

7。 Around the headquarters.

Casado has set aside time for Tuesday’s election, when he will analyze the results, defend himself from criticism, including internal criticism, and announce that they will leave Genoa Street headquarters. “I don’t think we should continue in a building reform being investigated this week in court.” The Attorney General of the state submitted a report to judge Pablo Ruz on suspected tax fraud at headquarters in 2015. In 2018, when asked about the reforms, he said, “it’s not moving to the opposite building that brings us back in touch with voters.” In any case, they are already considering the option of moving after the general election in 2019 due to economic problems.

eight The anti corruption bureau took it apart and released it.

“We will set up a new compliance department (which will establish transparency, accountability and anonymous complaint channels, and provide absolute assurance, just as big companies do,” Casado announced on Tuesday. It is very similar to the office that denounced corruption announced by the people’s party in 2016, “promoting governance and improving self-control.”.