Separatism Accelerated The Pursuit Of Iraq’S Neutrality Treaty

2021-02-16   |   by CusiGO

The independent party, led by the CKD and with an absolute majority in the future parliament, has been asked to speed up negotiations on the new chief executive of Catalonia. But separatists believe there is an urgent need to overturn the PSC’s plan to nominate El Salvador IRA as the presidential candidate. The agreement between the independents includes the speaker of the house of Representatives, from which the presidential candidates will make decisions. Salvadora IRA, a socialist, clearly does not have enough support to ensure his election.

Inter party calls on election night in Catalonia are not limited to classic congratulations to the winners and “good luck” to the losers. While the review is still in progress, the independent party leaders, who have an absolute majority of 74 of the 135 seats in the house of Representatives, report that they have shelved a bad relationship for months and are exploring the possibility of reaching an agreement on a future government and parliamentary president. It is also a way to end the process, with irah, who has 33 seats, even defending his candidacy at the inauguration.

There’s no time to waste. Near the end of the vote, IRA was ecstatic to announce that she would try to gain empowerment by being the winner of votes and seats, although in this case, she shares CKD’s feelings. One idea he insisted on Monday was: “I will run for president and lead a government of change. “This has to be the legislature of dialogue and reunion in Catalonia, which has to lead the party that won the election,” he said.

Independents believe that they cannot give the impression that, despite the decline in participation, they are losing power after the Catalan government finally won more than 50% of the vote, resulting in the start of the first negotiations and the establishment of a separatist administration On Monday, he continued to contact through various phone calls. ERC announced at the last moment that it would start a dialogue with cup. Unlike junts, cup also hopes to include com ú podem in the equation. In the ranks of Parliament, Sergi sabria and the number two candidate, Laura veragra.

The land was used to reach an agreement, as evidenced in the cup speech: during the campaign, after strongly criticizing the “autonomous” nature of the current executive, he began to explore an agreement. Yes, it’s in line with the idea of Pere Aragon è s, Esquire’s candidate, that the negotiations to join Catalonia at com ú podem, led by Jessica albiach. The Republican advocates that by joining the house of Commons, he will get 82 seats, most of which support amnesty and a referendum on self-determination. The problem is that the formation of junts and albiach is mutually exclusive. Jordi s á nchez, junts secretary general, insisted on Monday that he “will only try to form an independent government.”. ERC announced that it would launch a negotiating group “soon,” and junts said it had no “red line” on the final government’s planned road map. The problem is that the wicker that most people have to rely on today is far from strong enough, apart from closing the access to President Iraq. ERC and junts said there would be more coordination than the current government, without specifying how.

Among the independent parties, they insist that the socialists are not allowed to be president, and they think their decision to run for president is just to package an unrealized victory. Irah yesterday refuted these accusations: “my running for president is not symbolic, but a real gesture,” he said. PSC and albiach have a total of 41 members. IRA’s idea is to rely on external support, but Republicans are firmly opposed to that possibility. This Monday, the party chairman, oriol junkras, did it again. “We are the two most opposing political forces in parliament,” he said on TV 3. “Obviously, our position is very, very, very, very far away,” he said.

Aragorn insisted on this “broad line” plan, and vilarta announced that they would establish a negotiating committee with other independent forces without delay. He refrained from providing further details on how these talks would be handled, as well as on possible responsibility sharing or programme arrangements. These meetings produced a list of rather thorny issues. The junts team made it clear that they didn’t want to give the impression that everything was done.

The question is to what extent ERC is prepared to succumb to the greatest demands of its independent partners, whose agendas continue to be more or less unilateral, and intergovernmental cooperation will be more or less crucial in managing the post pandemic reconstruction fund That’s the key.

The basic strategy of the Republican Party is to continue to fight the state without endangering its leaders. “There are enough people in prison,” people who visit him at Leiden prison often say. On Monday, the day after the election campaign, the prosecutor’s office decided to appeal against the third level chief justice, further infuriating independence. These days, prisoners only spend the night in prison and attend various gatherings.

ERC and junts don’t want to talk about chairs. In parliament, unlike Congress, the ruling party usually includes the speaker of the house of representatives in the power sharing agreement. Usually a second partner, junts can apply. This is a key position that allows for initiative and will play a key role in stopping the ILA. After the rotation of political parties, the president of the autonomous Council decides whether candidates can participate in the authorization debate.

None of this has changed irah’s agenda. Irah continues to claim a historic victory in Catalonia. Now she wants to portray herself as a more or less alternative to the near future. To this end, she convened a number of political parties to engage on Monday afternoon. As expected, former President Jos é montila (PSC) called in a communique for the formation of a new PSC, ERC and common government, as he presided over between 2006 and 2010.