Reinventing Genoa’S Millionaire Reform With The Help Of Fund B

2021-02-16   |   by CusiGO

Pablo cassado decided to get rid of the PEP headquarters at 13 Genoa street in Madrid. Its rise in the Spanish capital is a real symbol of the so-called corruption of the opposition leading Party. As the popular extesorer Luis B á rcenas admits, the black money in the b-box has been preserved, but the building itself shows a dirty deal within the Conservative Party organization.

The national hearing began on Monday to hear the bassanas case, which was suspended indefinitely because one of the five defendants, Christopher Paz, the former manager of the people’s party, was ill with coronavirus before questioning the five defendants. The tribunal is waiting for its resumption in order to reopen the oral proceedings and will discuss, among other things, the alleged use of parallel accounting funds to cover the cost of the renovation of headquarters. In his order to start the oral trial, the trial judge Jos é de la Mata estimated that the people were alleged to have used more than 1.5 million euros in their b-box to pay for the projects.

Reform. According to the survey, as a subsidiary of civil liability, the people’s party decided to carry out a large-scale renovation of the building in 2005. To this end, he contacted unifia services integrales Sociedad limited, a company led by architect Gonzalo Urquijo and his partner Bel é n Garc í a, both of whom were charged in oral proceedings. Dramata explained that they had negotiated the payment for the project with Luis balsenas and Cristo balpaz, who were then managers and deputy managers respectively, and they were also on the bench.

The reform project was extended from 2005 to 2010, during which, in addition to the basement, garage and other facilities, the seven floors of the building are also in progress. “This work is carried out layer by layer, starting with the sixth reform… And ending with the seventh reform in 2010,” said Mariano Rajoy, then chairman of the people’s party, whose office was there.

Discount? In the indictment, the office of the prosecutor against corruption stressed that during the negotiations, the two sides agreed that the people were said to pay part of the reform costs from fund B, The operation was overseen by then finance minister Alvaro lapuerta, who died in 2018. “The purpose is to release these funds,” the prosecutor’s office said, and it also reported how the people’s party received a discount of 8% to 10%, “as part of the tax savings that both sides saved by hiding these funds from the public finance.”

Double payment. In order to cover up the plot, a “double payment system” was designed, in the words of judge ramatta. On the one hand, unifia only issued the invoice for part of the project, which was submitted to the audit court for audit after training, but on the other hand, PP paid for another part of the project with funds beyond the legal economic cycle, The judge added that for this purpose, bassanas and Laputa managed the amount in the form of B-boxes.

In the letter, the prosecutor’s office said that “neither party has recorded these payments to the accounts or declared them to the public finance”, adding that how the parties concerned “started to prepare various documents – Engineering certificates” at that time, Invoices and items – omitting and recording data inconsistent with the actual situation. ”

Records of fund B. the survey found that the people’s party paid 1552000 euros from fund B “in addition to official invoices and accounts”. Some of these payments were reflected in the country’s so-called bassanas document published in January 2013. For example, the judge detailed a 195000 euro note on the second floor renovation on 28 January 2008 (including a discount of about 8%); another 258000 euro note on the fifth floor on 13 March 2008; another 235000 euro note on the third floor on 31 July 2008; and another 258000 euro note on the third floor on 13 March 2008; Another amount for December (200000 Euro) was used for the fourth amount; another amount for November 23, 2006 (184000 Euro) was used for the first floor project, which included “advance payment of 480000 euro, paid in cash but not recorded in the entry reflecting the parallel account of the party”. The researchers searched PP and unifia headquarters, where they found different versions of the same document – such as the budget – “with different amounts.”.

The confession of bassanas. Before the trial, Louis balsenas wrote to the office of the prosecutor against corruption, admitting that he used black money to pay for part of the reform of Genoa’s headquarters 13: “in fiscal year 2006, The people’s party allocated about 600000 euros from the unrecorded donation to cover the cost of the renovation project, and in fiscal year 2008, about 900000 euros were used for the renovation project. He described training fund B as “a donation or donation generally made by people associated with companies that receive significant public awards.”. According to him, Mariano Rajoy knows.