Married People Fleeing Pp’S “Own House”

2021-02-16   |   by CusiGO

The famous balcony never existed. Every time Jose Maria asnar wins an election and wants to celebrate with supporters gathered at the gate of 13 Genoa street, he leaves his office on the seventh floor, takes the elevator to the first floor, and then enters through a window next to Esperanza Aguirre’s office Only eight or nine people can stay here safely. It’s risky to have more self-esteem about this crumbling building, but nothing is more dangerous than not appearing in the photo. There were some happy nights, he tried to luck, but nothing happened. The danger is in there.

On the sixth floor, on the last floor, noble, whether it’s Jose Maria asnar or Mariano Rajoy, dares not use Manuel Fraga’s office, where he has lived for decades, with several paintings there and another on the ground, Some books are put on the shelf, some books are put in the half open box, as if the founder is about to leave or arrive, which is an unintentional respect for his origin. On the sixth floor, however, everything worked like a clock.

For years, some of the party’s senior employees ignored election volatility and wrote down in neat books the money brought by businessmen and the money collected by politicians to ensure that power and business machines always work well. According to extesorero Luis B á rcenas, from 1990 to 2009, countless businessmen marched at the people’s party headquarters. The machine is very simple. The owners of construction companies or people they trust come here with a lot of money and stuff it into the envelope that the manager or treasurer puts in the safe. Later, the money B was divided into projects of less than 60000 euros, as anonymous donations permitted by law, and later deposited in a bank on the same street in Genoa, but on the opposite sidewalk, right next to the national hearing. In the age of prosperity, it’s a constant process. The activity of counting money by the bassanians evokes the scene of grujo doing pyrotechnics in the Western Marx Brotherhood: “more wood! “,

There are no more connections. 13 Genoa street is the lucky number of the people’s party in its brilliant decade. The building in the center of Madrid has become a symbol of the success and power of a political party. From 1996 to 2004, the party won the general election twice in a row except for the Madrid autonomous region and municipal elections. At that time, in 2006, the people’s party bought a building from mapfre for 36 million euros, which began to rent in February 1983. Over the next two years – from 2006 to 2008 – Gonzalo urkijo’s office building underwent a major renovation of a 10243 square meter office building and a three story garage with a capacity of 140 cars. Louis balsenas has reached an agreement with the architect that part of the project will be paid by B in exchange for a 10% discount on the final price. This operation is perfect for both sides, especially if they have never met. On June 20, 2008, a video recorded that angel Acebes, then general secretary of the Communist Party of China, dismissed former Prime Minister Alvaro lapuerta with honor: “with our acquisition of Genoa national headquarters, 13 of us have changed from tenants of our national headquarters to their owners. We finally have our own home. This is a house that we have transformed from top to bottom. It is comfortable, spacious and modern. The most important thing is that we have put the party in the best financial situation in history, with almost no debt, income exceeding expenditure and cash in reserve. ” In these photos, you can see bassanas, who has just been promoted from a manager to a treasurer, walking uneasily in his seat as Laporta retires.

The situation has not improved for a year. Balsenas was indicted in the G ü RTEL case, which started in 2007 to investigate the corruption network related to the people’s party. His prestige in the people’s party dropped three floors, and he lost his office on the sixth floor, just under the offices of President Mariano Rajoy and Secretary General Dolores de cospeda, and asked him to At least they’ll save him a place in the third inning with his friend Javier arenas. When his world collapsed, he left with all his equipment.

The head of the plot, Francisco Correa, admitted before the judge that he paid Luis B á rcenas directly for the bite because he had “a special card that allows him to enter Genoa through the parking lot without going through a scanner.”. One night in June 2009, the Commissioner, Jos é Manuel villarejo, came in from his garage on the humble zurbano street, met Dolores de cospedad and tried to find a solution – B, of course – to send the PP to hell. What happened next, you know.

Genoa, 13 will become the people’s party activists asnar and Rajoy to celebrate the victory of the anniversary. Pablo cardor tried to escape defeat by going out the door.