Cup Hopes To Adjust The Legislature As Soon As Possible After 14-F, And Warns That There Will Be No Rush To Negotiate.

2021-02-16   |   by CusiGO

Cup hopes to set conditions in the next term of Parliament, and ensure that the government will make 180 degree changes in social policies and policies to solve the sovereignty conflict. Their goal is to turn left based on the results of the 14-F election. Anti capitalists plan to hold an ordinary political meeting on Saturday, February 27th, to discuss the election results and put into effect the proposals put forward by their potential partners Under no circumstances will they make any decisions.

At a hearing at the party headquarters, Dolors sabater, leader of cup candidate guanyem, said the dialogue they would have was “complex.”. “We said we didn’t want to waste a minute, but haste doesn’t conflict with getting things done, thinking about what and how to do it. Don’t let anyone deceive themselves: we need to, we want to change people’s lives,” Badalona’s former mayor said. Carles Riera stressed that at the same time, the 10 institutions in the cup will start internal debate. There are nine members of the anti capitalist group. If ERC and junt reach an agreement, they need three members to get a majority.

Esquire’s management decided on Monday to begin negotiations with the FA Cup authorization because they consider him an “indispensable” player. So far, they haven’t decided when the first meeting will be held. Although CKD seems to have taken urgent action, anti capitalists think that there is time and they can’t rush to recall that the election was held on the 14th, Parliament was set up on March 12 with a deadline of March 26. Unlike ERC, cup does not disclose the names of the politicians, claiming that they are a coral entity and therefore can rotate. At the same time, the entity will begin a round of contact with social entities.

The cup is the last term of the opposition, accusing the government of pursuing autonomy and gesture policies in the axis of sovereignty rather than promoting social assistance. In his speech, Sabat once again elaborated four aspects of his demands: ending the repression; holding a referendum; social assistance – his plan includes 735 euros of universal income – and the ecological transition plan. The elected members of cula have made it clear that they want to hold a binding referendum and an international referendum. The target date for the world cup is 2025, although it is not on its agenda.

ERC can’t guarantee this, but cup asks for this: “we want them to show their commitment to achieve this goal, whether or not an agreement is reached. We do this to make this commitment binding and possible.” With regard to the end of the crackdown, they called on the government not to impose restrictive laws and stop accusing the protestors. “Internal decisions can be made on whether to take concerted action, proportion and opportunity,” he said.