Two Women Were Convicted Of Crossing The Border Into The Homes Of Iglesias And Montero

2021-02-15   |   by CusiGO

The 17th Criminal Court in Madrid has sentenced two women, arsenson D. and Anna Isabel Q., whose mother and daughter were fined for disobeying officials. On October 30, both refused to leave part of the safe area around the house of Pablo Iglesias, the second vice president of the government, and Irene Montero, Minister of equality. The judge demanded a six-month fine of six euros a day and acquitted Anna Isabel Q of kicking a civilian guard who was in charge of monitoring the house for minor abuse.

The verdict specifies that she chose a fine, which is the minimum penalty in this case, because the defendant has no criminal record and takes into account the “entity of fact”. The judge understood that the judgment was “sufficient to achieve the purpose of general prevention and special rules as stated in the judgment”.

The incident occurred at about 17:30 on October 30. The mother and daughter, 59 and 34, were in a car in galapago when an agent deployed ordered them to leave the area as they prepared to set up a security cordon around the houses of two government members.

At that time, asensonde got out of the car, denounced the agents for their “contemptuous attitude”, accepted the sentence and hindered their efforts to protect the area. Urged by the guards, his daughter, Anna Isabel Q, got out of the car and was furious with them. After refusing to leave the place, the agents were moving them, but the young lady tried to cross the cordon again. He fell to the ground, calling one of the officers “son of a bitch” and “asshole.” he kicked him in the leg, but was not hurt.

Last summer, Iglesias and Montero reported a systematic “harassment” in which they held daily rallies at home with their three children. Monday’s verdict is not the first conviction of a transgressor, but it is lower than the 14th Criminal Court in Madrid on February 5, He was sentenced to seven months in prison for assaulting a man who beat the chest of the guard that drove him away from the periphery. The convicted protested with others outside their home. In November, a judge in Collado Villalba issued a 500 meter restriction order against Miguel Angel Frontera, one of the frequent protestors around the house. Demonstrations and one of the so-called harassers.