Psoe Tends To Work With Erc, Even Starting With Different Principles And Goals

2021-02-15   |   by CusiGO

Without prejudging the final result, the SPD calmly supported the winner of Catalonia’s election, Salvador illa, in running for Catalonia’s president. Hours after the election, although ERC insisted that there was no chance to reach an agreement with the socialist party, the socialist chief executive reached out on Monday to allow the two camps to start a dialogue. The invitation stipulates that no one should “give up his principles and goals.”. They stressed that the right wing is the loser in this election, whether it is national or Catalan style. On the one hand, it is the people’s party and citizens, and on the other hand, it is the Catalan people’s party.

So far, the PSC and the PSOE will neglect to exclude the socialist party from potential participants in Catalonia’s governance. However, they have not been fooled, although there is still time for the government’s choice to become a reality, They know that ERC will lead their engagement with other political forces. Republicans believe it will be them, not socialists, who will be able to name a candidate capable of advancing the presidency, Pere Aragon รจ s.

However, this unilateral choice is neither accepted by PSC nor by PSOE, which prefers ERC. “In Catalonia and Spain, two deeply rooted political parties, the PSC and the ERC, have won these elections in terms of seats and votes,” they stressed. Therefore, the socialists understand that they must “look at their respective political principles and objectives in a certain way and logically, and advocate dialogue.”.

That’s the line taken by the chief executive of the PSOE, led by Secretary General Pedro Sanchez, on Monday, although no further assessment was presented this morning. Space must now be occupied by the PSC and their winning candidate, El Salvador IRA. Parliament spokesman Adriana Lastra is betting on “dialogue” as the end of these elections.

Judging from the impact of these results on members of Congress, there is nothing to risk. Most importantly for the SPD and the government, junts lags behind ERC, which will give Republicans more autonomy in Madrid’s support.

At the national level, the SPD called on the people’s party and citizens to break the agreement with vox at all levels of government, “because it will only benefit the far right and endanger the foundation of democracy.”.

On Monday, he continued his campaign speech in Ferraz, which he saw as a victory: “dialogue and reunion”, but he didn’t cheat himself, and he had little chance to get to Palau. But at socialist headquarters, it’s good to see his PSC brothers regain their first jobs in Catalonia after 18 years of waiting. It’s time to encourage and support President Javier lamban of Aragon, who announced this morning that he has colon cancer and will undergo surgery in the next few days.