Catalan Election Results And Party Reaction, Scene | Junkras: “We Want To Join The Independent Forces”

2021-02-15   |   by CusiGO

Eric leader oriol junqueras said in an interview on TV3 on Monday that his party favors a future government led by Pere Aragones: “we want to work with independent forces, forces supporting self-determination and amnesty.” “We have more than 50 percent of the vote,” said Laura Borr á s, a candidate for judges, in an interview with TV3 on Monday. It has to have consequences. This is a historic victory. ” The independent party has an absolute majority in Catalonia’s elections, despite losing more than 600000 votes in 2017. ERC has 33 seats, surpassing the 32 seat junts in the separatist group. “Negotiations are led by ERC,” Borr á s stressed. Meanwhile, Aragones called on the government to work at the dialogue table, while excluding PSC, the organization with the most votes in the 33 seat election, to form a new government: “we are like water and oil.” Socialist candidate Salvador illa pushed ahead with his presidential campaign on Sunday night, advocating on Monday “opening up an irreproachable stage for reunion.”. IRA ruled out the possibility of amnesty and self-determination: “these are not achievable goals, they will create more frustration.”