Two Police Officers Were Arrested And Jailed For Beating A Father And 14-Year-Old Daughter In Linares

2021-02-14   |   by CusiGO

Linares lived in hours of tension after two plainclothes police beat up a man and his 14-year-old daughter on Friday. On Saturday, after the police were arrested, one of them was a deputy inspector of the Jieneng city police station. There was a riot on their street. Clashes between protesting groups and police resulted in the release of 13 detainees, two of whom were minors on Sunday and 20 police officers were slightly injured. Earlier on Sunday, the arrested police officer was sent to prison on the advice of the judge of the third trial court in Linares. The general police department condemned the conduct and attitude of the two officers.

Police records of the attack show that the attack took place on a central street of 57000 residents in the city and that the detainee was the direct perpetrator of the beating of a man and his daughter. Some witnesses videotaped the incident, but did not go beyond the cause, and spread it through social media.

One of the measures demanded by the prosecutor’s office was a police detention order, which was preceded by hours of serious rioting throughout the afternoon and evening, with hundreds of people first gathered in court and then in front of the police station to protest against the presence of the police She was condemned by the political and social forces of the City Council and the city government. The City Council demanded “firm opposition to an attitude that tarnishes the image of an institution that has always been concerned about the safety of the Linas.”.

Over time, tensions have grown, with conflicts between neighboring countries and angry groups and riot fighters peaking. One of the injured was attacked by a motorcycle, but the injury was not serious. In addition, the city furniture and police cars also suffered a lot of material losses, which the Linares City Council estimated on Sunday at 25000 to 30000 euros. The national police have launched an investigation to identify the mastermind of the riot.

The man who was attacked recovered from corneal lacerations, nose fractures, eyebrow injuries and multiple injuries at St. Augustine hospital, while his daughter was beaten by one of the police officers while trying to help her father, with inflamed eyes and fractured forearm.