Critical But Loyal To The Cause Of Independence

2021-02-14   |   by CusiGO

Roig Riera is from arenys de munt (Barcelona), the first town to hold consultations on Catalonia’s independence in 2009. 12 years later, in the past three parliamentary elections, support for the independent party has not dropped to 70%. Catalonia’s turnout is much higher than Catalonia’s. with the addition of junts, ERC and cup, they never reach 50%.

Three generations of the Roig Riera family claim to be “as independent as ever, starting before the trial.”. They think it’s for economic, cultural or emotional reasons, and they have a Catalan feeling rather than a Spaniard feeling. Theresa Riera, 54, concluded: “Catalonia is a country with its own language, culture, richness and sustainable economic development.

They all claimed that they had no objection to the Spaniards, but they criticized the performance of state institutions and political parties. “Spain made a lot of independents,” says Santi Roig, 45. “When we were four years old, we knew it was a long process,” he insisted

The family had not been involved in politics before, but since 2010 they have joined a large-scale succession of dialdas. Over the years, they have been living in “Historicity”. At that time, independents claimed that “we will touch it” (“we will touch it”), which is only a matter of time. They talked about the emotions of October 1st, the failed declaration of independence, the incarceration of leaders, sentences and protests…

Some are very critical of the independent leaders, while others defend them. But despite the harsh criticism, everyone is loyal to the party they have been voting for. They didn’t specify which one.

“I believe that I have great illusions, but we have been deceived… I think he is very black. The politicians here are doing a terrible job, where they’re suppressing it. Fear also plays a role, “said Theresa Riera. Despite his excitement, he will still vote for the ordinary Party: “because my ideas have not changed.”

Theresa’s niece and Sandy’s wife are Anna Riera, 42. Only when he talked about prisoners did he feel uneasy: “when I see corrupt people not going to prison, my blood boils.” “Catalan politicians are in prison because they defend the demands of the people,” santy said. He expressed his admiration for Jodi kusat, President of the Cultural Association. “He is a man who can guide us: integrity without partiality.” The couple will vote as usual. “If you ask non independent voters, most people will also tell you that they always vote for them,” they agree.

The grandparents of Josep Roig, 78, and Pepita Martori, 73, accused politicians of “wanting chairs” and regretted “the division here and the bad things that Madrid people have done”. “What they do has no name,” Josep said. When asked about the future, he said: “they won’t let us go, they won’t let the golden hens leave Catalonia.”