Citizens Lost 30 Seats, Wasting The Historic Victory Of 2017

2021-02-14   |   by CusiGO

No political party lost so many citizens this Sunday, from the party that voted the most in 2017 to the seventh largest in 2021. The ines alimada party, which won an election in Catalonia with 36 seats three years ago, has only six delegates left on Sunday. The historic defeat is reminiscent of the latest election night, when Albert Rivera was elected as the party’s leader for the last time. Among the 10-N generals in 2019, CS won 57 seats just seven months ago and then dropped to 10. The Party of the current national leader, ines arrimadas, suffered another 14-F blow, losing nearly a million votes. “We can’t mobilize constitutional voters,” arrimadas admitted in assessing the results, avoiding self-criticism and blaming the fight on low turnout (53.46%).

The worst polls, and certainly not the more generous internal ones, failed to measure the strength of the declared collapse. Those with ambitions dream of buffering the recession and staying above 20 seats to avoid being overwhelmed by votes and the BJP. For those forgotten overnight, the only consolation is that they have won the battle with the people and lost three seats in Catalan politics.

All eyes are on ines alimadas, not candidate Carlos carrizoza himself. The president was overthrown on the first day of her campaign in Catalonia, as if she were a candidate for the Catalan government, making this defeat her biggest defeat. Tonight in Catalonia, in his political cradle, CS had a good time. The number of the party’s chairman in the campaign has doubled, with the aim of restoring something from the 2017 election, which made a more symbolic rather than effective victory a historic one, as the independents continue to rule and she has never tried to confer (and the numbers are not given).

As a result, the leader decided to attend the meeting tonight with carizosa to ensure that “citizens will continue to be spokesmen and refuges for constitutionalism and will continue to fight for Catalonia.”. The party’s chairman acknowledged “a sense of sadness” because “separatism will be strengthened when it is divided and supported less.”. “Tough times are coming,” he warned.

Over the past few months, Ali madas has tried to bridge the gap between voters. Under his predecessor’s leadership, after several years of ideological turmoil, he has been marked by right leaning and veto of the Social Democratic Party. However, any effort to curb the bloodshed of votes has proved futile. This Sunday’s game is Rivera’s first big test since he left.

The chairman of training is clearly on a par with her predecessor, trying to get citizens back to their origins, back to the political center, with one hand to the right and the other to the left. In the past few days, the strategy has tried to find a part of the 1 million Catalan African nationalist voters who concentrated on CS voting three years ago, and the litigation crisis is still fierce compared with other options such as PP or PSOE. But CS voters are no longer in Catalonia, where training was born 14 years ago.

Citizens have not succeeded in getting support from one side or the other. Former minister Salvador illa, a candidate for the PSC, won a large number of votes in the election, which he regained from non nationalist left-wing voters who abandoned him three years ago. On the other hand, vox of the far right, whose goal is the pain of the marginalized, has won the favor of right-wing voters who are dissatisfied with CS drift.

In a clear message to Vox, carizosa assured that he would defend “those who feel like Catalans, Spaniards and Europeans” to show that “they don’t have to fall into clamor or radicalism because Catalonia can stand up in the middle to defend.”. But, in addition to the first passionate remark, the party executive will meet on Monday to analyze the causes of another citizen’s dark night.