A Fire Broke Out In A Shantytown In Nyar, Leaving 200 People Homeless

2021-02-14   |   by CusiGO

About 200 people are still on the streets after a blaze destroyed the atochares shanty town in Almeria on Saturday night. According to the Civil Guard, the fire has affected one and a half hectares of land in the area and destroyed 50 cars. One person’s hand was burned and had to receive medical care. “The problem is not only the people who don’t have a place to live, but also their 500 neighbors, and they shouldn’t sleep here, because smoke and soot make their shantytowns unworkable,” said an NGO worker who provides services to the victims this afternoon.

About 1200 Moroccan and sub Saharan migrants live in the settlement, in the owl Canyon Region, which is split in two on the al-9025 highway, and work in greenhouses in Niger. The fire hit the upper part, where about 700 people live, while the lower part, where 500 people live, was not damaged, the migrant worker said, including nine children.

According to Almeria, many of these people “lost everything.”. Although some of the infrastructure is brick, most of the roofs are plastic, which makes the flame spread faster. The source of the fire remains unknown, the guard said.

The fire started around ten o’clock on Saturday evening. A few minutes later, some people called 112 emergency center and activated the fire brigade of the Civil Guard, local police, civil defense, Almeria fire brigade and Levant consortium. “The fire wasn’t put out until 2:45 a.m., because there were a lot of people trying to get some of their property back, which made the work difficult,” a spokesman for the Institute of armed research said.

Members of the Red Cross and caritas are also working with Almeria to find shelter for the affected people, many of whom have lost their documents. At present, 200 people who have lost their homes are receiving blankets and food.