2021-02-14   |   by CusiGO

The Jahn citizen platform, known as “historic,” deserves more support from the many car fleets driving near the capital Jenin on Sunday to protest against the historic discontent and investment deficit in the province, one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. After Cordoba was awarded the army logistics base, which triggered protests of about 3000 vehicles and thousands of people, Jan and Toledo left Cordoba together as the favorite of their choice. Political and social groups in the province.

Juan Manuel Camacho, a spokesman for the civil platform, asked to investigate whether there was a “trade in prevarication and influence” in designating a base with an investment of 300 million euros and the creation of 1600 direct and indirect jobs. “The Jens are as powerful as the rest of Spain. We are neither second rate nor third rate. So we want to have the same opportunities as other territories so that we can make further progress, “said Mayor Julio Mirren (PSOE), He called it an “insult” to exclude Jain, and announced that the State Secretary for defense would set up the logistics base in Jain without a written commitment.

More directly, vice president and SPD Secretary General Francisco Reyes accused vice president Carmen Calvo of moving the logistics base to his hometown of Cordoba without appointment. Reyes asked the government to clarify the criteria for awarding military bases, but accused the Andalusian junta of “playing two cards” in this matter. In his view, the Andalusian government (composed of the people’s party and citizens) ignored the non legal proposal unanimously adopted by the Andalusian parliament to support Jan as a logistics base, and ultimately “supported Cordoba”.

Speaking on this issue in the past few days, the vice president of Andalusia, Juan Marin (citizen), said that the Commission “is the government of all andalusians” and therefore “must support all candidates”. Malin pointed out that the election of Cordoba was due to the efforts of the national government, and the local government of the Cordoba people’s party did not like this sentence. The party has the clear support of Maryland karazo, the development adviser of Andalusia.

“They stole 3000 of our jobs, cheated us, humiliated us, angered us, and seriously offended us. We have to respond to these decisions. Ja é N had to seek justice from the court, demanding the disqualification of [Cordoba’s] late candidate, with little documentation. In a country with the rule of law, the decision to withdraw was right, that is, the rule of law, not other criteria, as we did in the United States The “University” is pointed out in a manifesto drafted by professors at uja for two weeks, which reflects the frustration of the Jayne society towards this new investor forgetting. Sunday’s protests were preceded by the thunderous sound of frying pans on the balconies of thousands of Ja é n residents on Saturday.