Villarrejo’S Secret Notebook: “It’S Very Easy To Accept. Waiting For Your Answer

2021-02-13   |   by CusiGO

Jos é Manuel villarejo, the retired Commissioner, recorded in his notebook his meetings, messages and phone calls with businessmen, police, journalists and politicians. Three of the notebooks, as well as other paper and digital documents, fell into the hands of the police when they were registered in Madrid’s boadella Del Monte in November 2017, after he was arrested as a suspect in a quasi police conspiracy that was dismantled in the collusion. Between 9 may 2016 and a few weeks before the arrest, the country had obtained the full contents of the documents, which contained instructions, A year and a half later, the notebooks contained a lot of evidence, which the office of the anti corruption prosecutor and the police included in their reports to support the serious charges of keeping the Commissioner in prison.

Notes on the notebook are dated, revealing villarrejo’s interest and obsession. On his front page, he mentioned the efforts of the police and the policy of retiring from the police – which he did in June 2016, shortly before his 65th birthday – as honorary Commissioner and his desire to retain authorized weapons. Sometimes they collect dates. “The law applies to the enemy. “Friends, they have been explained,” he wrote in July 2017. But in most cases, these are comments on their contacts, proving the influence of the police at the top of politics, the police and the media.

On November 3, 2016, villarejo recorded his relationship with Mariano Rajoy’s government. “Cospe: answer my message in a very kind way. “I warn you to have coffee with ILH,” Mary Dolores de cospeda wrote on the eve of her appointment as defense minister. The letter shows her direct connection with the then Secretary General of the people’s party and her husband, Ignacio L ó PEZ del Hierro, which she always initials. Villarrejo has written dozens of articles about him, referring to the former minister to a lesser extent. “He’s very close to me. He came. He proposed starting business in February. He doesn’t mind eating with Joey soon, “he pointed out on December 12, 2016. He is alleged to have referred to the holding of a luncheon, which was also attended by businessman Adrian dragoya, who was accused of being involved in a separate part of the collusion because he cooperated with the police in the suspected fraudulent business.

The relationship between villarrejo, former chief coaspeda and Lopez del Hiro has been maintained, although the scandal began to be made public to the police until shortly before the police were arrested at the end of 2017. On July 3 that year, he wrote: “IHL: see you at the villa at 11. He said he would speak so that MD (purportedly Maria Dolores de cospeda) and my ministry of the interior could take action and leave me alone. Catalan theme. ” Two days later, he mentioned the entrepreneur again: “vel á zquez [two streets in Madrid] is on the VIP list at 3pm [Cafe] tomorrow. Date MD The next day, he noticed a call to “change the place of appointment on behalf of MD”. On September 11 of the same year, less than two months before his arrest, he wrote: “cospe is very receptive. Waiting for your answer. ” This is the penultimate page of the notebook.

“I never denied that I knew this gentleman [villarrejo]. “I believe she didn’t do business with my husband,” she assured the country over the phone, later explaining that her husband had not informed her of all her experiences. In September last year, the office of the anti corruption prosecutor submitted a letter asking them to be summoned as defendants, and they were summoned to testify in the 2013 “kitchen” case to investigate the illegal espionage activities of Louis balsenas, former Secretary of the people’s party. National court judge Manuel Garcia castron has so far ignored the request.

Corinna Larsen, a German woman entrepreneur, is a former close friend of the retired King Juan Carlos I. she has another obsession with veraleho. The Commissioner asked businessman Juan Villalonga for help, established contact with her, and then texted her on her mobile phone. This notebook records the Commissioner’s unique SMS. “Thank you. Same Joule. “[thank you. In January 2017, the police wrote to Larson. “Great. Thank you as well. “Great. thank you! [she replied. Villareho explained that Juan Carlos I’s predecessor responded to the “outstanding issues” raised by the Commissioner in his previous letters.

In June 2016, Luis B á rcenas, a former spokesman of the people’s party, also appeared in the newspaper. Three years ago, villareho was an illegal spy in the kitchen operation, stealing sensitive materials from the Conservative leader. Veraleho wrote: “the Mason hotel. 606xxxxx。 Use this number in some contacts. ” Gustavo gal á n, a lawyer who recently defended extesorer, said he did not know whether there was such contact or whether the meeting was held.

When Jorge Fernandez DIAS (PP) was the interior minister, the Secretary of state for security, Francisco mart í Nez, was mentioned the most. Villarejo refers to mart í Nez, who was charged in the kitchen case, and in some commentaries he was pseudonymed “chisco”, reflecting the close relationship between the two. On June 6, 2017, he pointed out. Chisco: he called to encourage me. Thank you for calling 13 days later, he received another alleged phone call with Martinez: “very worried about his image. The only thing that scares him is, “he said In a statement investigating the kitchen case, the former Secretary of state admitted to dealing with villarejo, although he claimed to have done so on the order of minister Fernandez DIAS.

Felix Sanz rold á n, the former director of the National Intelligence Center (CNI), is also frequently mentioned. The Commissioner clashed with him and he was recently tried for acquittal by the police. Villarrejo used the derogatory term “Troll” to refer to him. “Ollie: the warning about Troll’s behavior, use the judge’s words to slander me,” he said in a letter in May 2016, referring to his conversation with another Commissioner, Jos é Luis Olivera, He was primarily responsible for the police’s economic and financial crimes unit (udef) during the investigation of the G ü RTEL case, when he was head of the counter terrorism and organized crime intelligence unit (citco) of the Ministry of the interior.

In November 2016, villarejo recorded an alleged meeting with CNI representatives, which Oliveira also attended. Ollie: at the rendezvous point at 14:15. Lunch with them at the suggestion of CNI. “We’re going to an Alcobendas restaurant,” the message said. Oliveira, who retired from the police in October 2019 and is now a security adviser to the Spanish Football Federation, told this newspaper that she “doubts the authenticity of these comments.”.

The Commissioner also recorded judicial information provided by members of the political brigade, an undercover team that investigated BJP rivals in the internal phase of fern á ndez D í AZ (2011-2016). Then the second police officer said to him as deputy director: “Ping: he said he was afraid of the worst. Udef has submitted a report to the office of the prosecutor against corruption, but nothing has been found. ” A month later, villarrejo found out Pino had sent him “a lot of text messages”. “He’s afraid he’s going to be bad for Corsi. Finally, I told him that he kept a low profile and remained calm, “he said, referring to Ignacio cosido, director of the national police in the first administration of Mariano Rajoy. “Villareho never saw corsido directly, just had a brief conversation on the steps of the police headquarters. If there is a third party contact between them, I don’t know,” Pino told the newspaper in a telephone interview.

In the newspapers, they also masterminded other scandals in the political brigade. As a result, reference was made to the pendriff case, in which the two police commanders were acquitted of attempting to enter documents from electronic devices of unknown origin from time to time in the files of the investigation into the family of former president Jordi Pujol. Sometimes, some of the so-called members of this controversial police organization perform poorly in the record. “It’s scary, it’s unreliable,” villareho said after receiving a call from Commissioner Pino’s right-hand man, chief inspector Jose Angel Fuentes Gago

Looking for the opponent’s dirty clothes is another fixed factor, and his book confirms that Vera reholi used an informant to investigate the personal life of police inspector Ruben eradio, who, as a member of the interior ministry, coordinated the investigation of little Nicholas in 2016, where they surfaced, This is the first time that the Commissioner has been publicly accused of abnormal actions. “Tony: Reuben said he had a touch and he used it to do something bad,” he wrote. Eladio confirmed to this newspaper that he suspected these actions. “When I was investigating the case of little Nicholas, a driver hit my car. His car was the property of a detective agency, “he recalled.