The Death Of Defense Secretary Alberto Olivia In The Face Of The 23-F Trial

2021-02-13   |   by CusiGO

Only 10 days before the 40th anniversary of the founding of 23-f, he died in Madrid this morning. He was the defense minister Alberto oliart Saussol, who was responsible for leading the defense ministry to deal with the rebels and the coup makers during his time in the military court. Olliat, 92, from Badajoz, was hospitalized a few days ago after testing positive for covid-19. He also served as Minister of industry and energy, Minister of health and social security, and chairman of rtve.

On February 26, 1981, the president of the government, Leopold Calvo sotro, appointed him minister of defense, whose term was interrupted by attacks on Congress. Oliyat had to deal with the aftermath of the coup and deal with tensions within the armed forces, as the 23-f leader and later the military court were jailed. Among them is the so-called “Declaration of 100″, an article against the press and in support of coup leaders, signed by active service soldiers.

Olliat appointed then Lt. Col. Emilio Alonso manglano as the head of the secret service (senior Defense Information Center) to suppress the anti Constitution Movement in the army. As a result, the plot of the 27-o or Colonel coup broke down, plotting a bloody coup on the eve of the general election on October 28, 1982. ”

In February 2001, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the founding of 23-f, olliat conducted an extensive interview with the country, in which he explained: “the key to my management is to say from the beginning that I will not judge anyone according to their thoughts, but according to their actions. General Garcia escudro, the prosecutor, warned me: “minister, if I have to strictly enforce the military justice code, 4000 generals, chiefs, officers and sergeants have been prosecuted.” “Forget it,” I said. How can we get 4000 soldiers in the process? Those who have been talking, perhaps at a meeting, have followed orders at a critical moment. I have a colonel in my office who was promoted to general. He even acted on the night of 23-f, but when he received the order to withdraw, he immediately acted. I said to him, “I know what you’ve done at 23-f, but I’ll suggest you get a promotion because I believe you’ll be as loyal as I am to you.” He stood up and said to me, “I will never betray you.” “Not me,” I corrected, “democratic government.” “Of course, I swear,” he replied. To this day. ”

Together with Calvo sotelo, olliat planned Spain’s accession to NATO in May 1982 and held senior civilian positions in the Ministry of defense, such as Eduardo Serra, then Secretary of state of the people’s party.

He was a national lawyer, a former secretary-general of the people’s foundation of France, and even under Franco, chief executive of Hispanic Bank of America. After the first democratic election in June 1977, Adolf Suarez appointed him minister of industry until February 1978. From September 1980 to February 1981, he was the founder of UCD and a member of the last government to serve as Minister of health and social security.

In 1997, he won the 10th citation Award for his autobiography against forgetting. He has been far away from politics since the PSOE’s victory in 1982, but between November 2009 and July 2011, he resumed politics with the Jos é Luis Rodr í Guez Zapatero government, when he was appointed chairman of rtve. In a statement after learning of the former minister’s death, the former president said he was “a gentleman in political life, a generous and inclusive civil servant.”. Rodr í Guez Zapatero stressed that he was “amiable in character” and “left a clear mark on the best Spanish newspapers in favor of La Concordia”.