The Ministry Of Defense Began To Vaccinate Against Emu

2021-02-12   |   by CusiGO

According to the Department led by Margarita Robles, the Department of defense has begun to vaccinate emergency military unit (EMU) personnel against AstraZeneca. Military health personnel launched an immunization campaign on Friday at Torrejon de adoz (Madrid), moron de la francera (Sevilla) and Betra (Valencia) bases. Intervention battalions in Zaragoza and Leon will join next Tuesday, while detachments from the Canary Islands will join next week, depending on whether there are flights carrying vaccines.

According to the standards set by the Ministry of health, EMU soldiers aged 18 to 55 (3243 years) have begun to receive the first dose of the drug, while older soldiers (107 years) will receive Pfizer biotech vaccine “as appropriate” according to the requirements of the Ministry of defense.

Military personnel deployed in the European Monetary Union are part of the fourth “target group” in the national defense vaccination program, second only to military health personnel, personnel to be deployed to overseas missions and personnel to be mobilized to cope with the epidemic. Military leader general Michelangelo villaroya and hundreds of soldiers stationed in the defense staff were vaccinated ahead of time, leading to the latter’s resignation on January 23.

In the health vaccination strategy, the military is part of the “basic staff” team, together with the National Guard, national, autonomous and local police, fire brigade or civil defense forces, most of whom will be vaccinated with AstraZeneca, from which Spain is expected to receive 1.8 million doses. This month.

The Ministry of defense also reported that with the help of 1200 modern vaccines provided by the Ministry of health, the staff of gomesura military hospital will complete the vaccination, and the immunization work of the hospital was interrupted after the suspension of vaccination for health care personnel in the Madrid community.