We Can Ask For An Explanation For The Relay Of The Journalists Who Tagged Princess Asturias.

2021-02-11   |   by CusiGO

Pablo Iglesias, the government’s second vice president and pomos leader, said on Thursday that it was “unacceptable” for Rosa Mar í a Mateo, rtve’s general manager, to intervene in the expulsion of two workers, referring to reporters released on Wednesday, A controversial label compares Juan Carlos I’s departure from Spain to Princess Asturias’ trip to Wales to study. In an interview with Rac1, Iglesias stressed that he should not “judge” whether it is wrong to label or not. “What I noticed was the anger of those who said it was normal for the retired king to travel. If he didn’t run away, they wouldn’t be so angry, “he argued.

The second vice president called the decision an “abuse” and the relay of journalists “unacceptable.”. So, according to Iglesias, on Wednesday, hours after the dispute, the Federal Joint Panel announced that it would document a parliamentary issue to Rosa Maria Matteo, rtve’s sole chief executive. At the same time, the parliamentary group will ask Matteo to report whether he has received a call from Zazuela, and then remove two agency staff from his post after the label “Leonardo left Spain like his grandfather” appears on the screen in the message that Princess Asturias is about to study in Wales. Bernard barrachna, one of the journalists affected, tweeted on Thursday morning that he was “fired, like Leonardo’s grandfather.”.

The Federation announced that it would introduce a non legal bill in the house of Commons urging rtve to “immediately readmit workers who have been reprimanded.”. Pablo echenique, a spokesman for the left wing group of Congress, criticized the decision of rtve’s single manager on social media, questioning whether the situation is a so-called “democratic normal”. “Yesterday, Philip VI said that without freedom of speech, there would be no democracy. Today, Rosa Mar í a Mateo, chief executive of rtve, announced that she would “replace” the workers with a sign that said, “leono is leaving Spain, just like her grandfather.”. They call it “the normal state of full democracy,” echenik said. As a result, a spokesman for the Morado party referred to the controversy over Pablo Iglesias’ remarks, saying on Monday that Spain did not have “complete political and democratic normalization” due to the position of trial leader. On Thursday, Iglesias repeated his words.

Rosa Mar í a Mateo said in a statement on Wednesday that she deeply regretted the “serious mistake”. She released a news during the broadcast of “1:00” and announced that “immediate action” would be taken to remove the person responsible for the “mistake” from her office Position. “This is a serious irresponsible act that cannot undermine rtve’s unswerving commitment to defending constitutional values and state institutions, especially the king,” the public company stressed.