The Last Clue Is Not Enough To Know Who Killed Veronica Gaeling.

2021-02-11   |   by CusiGO

In June 1996, a group of drug dealers killed the journalist Veronica gaeling, which aroused the haze of controlling drug sales in Ireland, but these 25 years are not enough to find the real perpetrators. Last October, in a joint operation of Spanish, Irish and British police, John Gilligan, one of the leading instigators of the crime, was arrested for drug trafficking in southern Alicante, and his last hope was dashed. During the search, a colt phyton revolver similar to the one shot in a reporter’s car was found buried on the ground. But it is now known that the forensic analysis of the weapons has yet to come to a conclusion. “Based on the means, evidence and evidence at our disposal, we are unable to draw up a conclusive expert report claiming that this is a weapon used at the scene of the crime,” a police source said.

The main perpetrators of the shooting are still at large, almost 25 years later unknown. Gaelin wrote a story for the Sunday Independent about underground drug trafficking in Ireland. During her investigation, she met several criminal gangs who constantly threatened her, some of whom beat her more than once. Until one day, after she appeared in court, the reporter stopped at the traffic light on her way home. A motorcycle came towards her, and the driver’s companion shot her six times with a pony named phyton. Gilligan has always been considered the mastermind of the murder, though he has never been linked. In 2003, Kate Blanchett starred in a film called victims.

The 68 year old Irish Mafia leader fled his country in 2013 after spending some time in prison. In 2019, he and his main followers were found in several houses between torevier and orihueira Costa, Any Englishman or Irishman can be ignored in an area full of foreign residents. Gilligan led a group that sent narcotics, mainly marijuana and hypnotics, to the UK by post. According to the police, they also sell guns.

In October, police officers who arrested Gilligan in an operation led by the Murcia drug and organized crime unit (udyco) and the National Police’s special organized crime response team (GRECO Levante) searched four houses. They found four kilograms of marijuana sprouts, 11000 tablets, two cars, 10 mobile phones, accounting and postal documents, as well as tools for handling drugs and vacuum packaging, and found revolvers buried under flower beds through metal detectors.

The murciana science Police Brigade inspected the weapon and then sent it to the Madrid science police headquarters for Ballistic Analysis. The report points out that the revolver cannot be linked to the murder of gaelin because the current evidence comes from the same source. But it doesn’t completely rule that out either, because it’s possible to find new clues.

Gaelin’s case is still pending, but police have announced that Gilligan’s criminal organization has been disbanded. Last Tuesday, an investigation into the October arrest led to the arrest of four more people associated with Irish drug traffickers, who the national police said were “directly responsible” for marijuana cultivation and export. “One of them was responsible for growing marijuana, and for that he installed hydroponic crops at home. Another detainee is communicating with the United Kingdom, and the last two are responsible for mailing, “they said. They all live south of Alicante, between torevier, pilar de la horadada and San Miguel de Salinas.