Rajoy’S People’S Party Leader Was Angry At The Cancellation Of The Vote By The Married Man On The 1-O.

2021-02-11   |   by CusiGO

Mariano Rajoy’s PP leadership was not unified in 2017, but on Wednesday he expressed surprise, shock and anger at Pablo Casado’s surprising “Catalan style transformation”. In an interview with Catalan radio Rac1 on Tuesday, the popular president admitted that he did not agree with the tactics adopted by Rajoy and vice president Soraya Saenz de Santamaria on the illegal 1-O referendum. Cassado said that although she was a spokesman for the party, she refused to attend that day. After national consultation, six leaders of the people’s party and ministers at that stage denied this statement.

“During the campaign, strange and surprising things happened,” one of the most important ministers in the cabinet said of Paul cassado. In the months leading up to the sovereignty negotiations, the minister was the most popular of those who supported President Mariano Rajoy, who later supported cassado at the Congress of the party that defeated Santamaria.

“My mouth is still open and I’m scared,” a member of the management team of the people’s party said of cassado’s intervention. He thought it was a “mistake” and a “sense of insecurity” caused by the poor data predicted in Catalonia’s autonomous election on Sunday.

Some polls show that the people’s party has few parliamentary representatives. “The new team around cassado wants to build a story that is not tainted by anything, whether it’s the corruption of Luis balsenas or what happened in Catalonia in 1-O, but it’s not true,” said another senior official in ramoncloa.

Casado thinks the Catalan 14-F election is more than just a personal political review. In October, he decided to break with the far right forces of vox and Santiago abascal, and since then, he has been shadowed by this training in the back of his head, risking solpaso.

On Tuesday, he went to the so-called hostile media territory of the people’s party for an interview with Jordi bast é on Rac1, who asked him in Catalan if he had discussed the consequences of the incident with Rajoy and vice president Santamaria. press conference.

The reporter asked him why. “Because my position on what happened and what will happen in Catalonia is open and well known, that’s why I ran for the presidency of the people’s party. I decided not to go out and explain what happened,” cassado explained, Because I don’t agree with those who say we vote in an approved election, because it’s not an approved election, and I don’t agree with those who say we don’t vote, because in my opinion, what we see on TV should be avoided. ”

-So you don’t like the pictures of police charging? -The interviewer asked.

-Well, what I’m saying is that this should be avoided…

None of the people’s party ministers or leaders consulted in the country remembers the public or internal intervention of any married person, questioning the strategy then led by Rajoy and led by Santamaria. They all denied that the wedding day plan was present as a spokesman for the people’s party, Because this is the president of the government himself from La Moncloa.

At that time, Rajoy, accompanied by Santamaria and Minister Alfonso dastis and Minister Inigo Mendes de Vigo, repeatedly reiterated: “without the referendum, we have only seen one stage. It is a premeditated and conscious attack, and the state has made a firm and calm response to it. We did what we were supposed to do, only according to the law. ”

On that day, his general coordinator, Fernando mart í Nez Ma í LLO, also did not attend the press conference. The next day, on 2 October, after the Steering Committee presided over by Rajoy, Martinez maello became the third person of the people’s party, and he joined the Committee like other under secretaries. Several sources present on the same day confirmed that there was no discussion, and the message of mairo was to “strengthen the unity with PSOE and citizens”, because Rajoy met Pedro Sanchez and Albert Rivera in ramoncloa that afternoon.

In a radio interview on Tuesday, cassado reiterated that he should have avoided such a situation and offered another option, “from a judicial point of view, the judge should take action before the morning of that day.” from a political point of view, he will return to 2003 to avoid the “tinell evil agreement” between Pasqual malagle’s PSC and ERC, and Later, the sovereigns drifted out of the CIU of arturmas.

Rajoy’s people’s party is a heterogeneous political party. In this party, leaders boast that problems, quarrels and conflicts between leaders of different departments, even in secret dating, will divert their attention, as often happens between Santamaria and Dolores de cospeda, general secretary of the party.

Catalans’ cancellation of the vote on cassado upset everyone on Wednesday, even ministers in the cabinet who “nervously” discussed the vice president’s mantra of “either no ballot box, or no vote in the end.”. At some ministerial meetings with Rajoy, there were doubts that “everything is under control,” as Santamaria put it, but at those meetings, he was not married. And then everything went through. “It’s a decision of the government, and we’ve all accepted it, even for those who are worried that things will be as bad as they used to be,” two of Rajoy’s former ministers agreed

In June 2015, Mariano Rajoy appointed five young under secretaries general of the people’s party in the face of a major reshuffle at the top of the people’s party under various suggestions and pressures. In that reshuffle, he appointed Pablo Casado, a 34 year old married man who meant to defend his party in the face of numerous corruption cases, as the spokesman and head of communications. Two years later, the separatist challenge erupted in Catalonia. A few weeks before the illegal referendum, moncroya and the top of the BJP coordinated their strategy to ensure that every married weekend and Catalonia’s Andrea levy, as the new under secretary general for research and projects, took turns repeating the arguments of the Rajoy administration and attacking independency. On September 11 and 18, he married in a particularly violent way at two official press conferences of the people’s party, even with a mocking tone: “the only supporters of the independents are ETA otji, Assange, the fugitive rapist, and Maduro, the dictator.”