Princess Leono College In Wales: Freedom And International Education Between Medieval Castle Walls

2021-02-11   |   by CusiGO

Britain is the territory of the most advanced educational theory experiment. If Alexander S. Neal tries to instill democracy and freedom into the children who enter Summerhill school every day, Kurt Hahn of Germany hopes to cultivate a spirit of adventure, a sense of personal responsibility and respect for diversity at Atlantic college, The first (1962) network of educational institutions around the world was formed by the United World College (UWC). Princess leono will study for two years for her international bachelor’s degree in medieval St. Donna castle in the gramorgan Valley, Wales, about 26 kilometers from Cardiff. The building dates back to the 12th century and was extensively renovated and expanded after it was bought by American media tycoon William Randolph Hearst in 1925. “If God had money, he would build a place,” says playwright George Bernard Shaw

The college hosts about 350 students from 90 countries, three-quarters of whom receive scholarships and assistance from private donors, according to the agency. Income priority is given to the strengths and capabilities of applicants from all over the world. The tuition fee for each teenager for two years is about 76000 euro. More than three years ago, the school times defined Hogwarts as “the Hogwarts of jeepis”, referring to medieval buildings where Harry Potter studied magic. Its founding charter declares the goal of “making education a force that can unite peoples, countries and cultures and promote a peaceful and sustainable future”.

It’s a favorite Center for royalty, California millionaires and bohemian intellectuals because it’s dedicated to developing students’ sense of personal responsibility and their ability to discover, experience, cooperate and serve others. Each teenager shares a room with three other people who usually come from different countries. Under the careful supervision of the tutor, the boarding school has nothing to do with the legend of cold bath and strict discipline of the traditional British boarding school. 5% of UWC students are refugees from conflict areas such as Palestine, Yemen, Iraq or Afghanistan. The current headmaster is queen Nur of Jordan, who replaces Nelson Mandela.

“We help our students discover the real possibility of changing things through brave attitude, personal example and selfless Leadership (…). We support young people to give full play to their intellectual, moral, aesthetic, emotional, social, spiritual and physical potential, “announced the model and principles of the school network.

In addition to studying various subjects, including science, art and humanities, Princess leono has to complete three specific tasks in order to obtain her international bachelor’s degree: writing an essay of no more than 4000 words on an issue of special interest that she will spend two years studying; and completing a course In terms of knowledge theory, it teaches students to understand “how they know what they promise to know”; and a seminar on “creativity, activities and services” enables them to acquire social and community service skills and have greater contact with nature.