More Than 1600 Kilograms Of Cocaine Were Seized In A Garage In Downtown Helva

2021-02-11   |   by CusiGO

The use of cannabis for cocaine trafficking is both strange and unusual, and it was only in recent months that the police began to track down white powder caches where new developments had occurred in the Strait of gibraltarian. National police found more than 1600 kilograms of the more expensive and dangerous drug in a garage in downtown Huelva. This is one of the most important drug havens in onubense Province, confirming a model that is not yet known, in which drug traffickers distribute coca using an infrastructure designed to introduce marijuana. People who were still in prison during the undercover investigation.

More than 1600 kilograms of the drug was hidden in a garage under a facility in the center of the capital, onubens, according to sources. The detainees were responsible for the custody of the goods, the national police said in a statement released on Wednesday. The investigation revealed that the criminal organization used marijuana infrastructure for cocaine, a lucrative trafficking activity.

Investigators were included in the special security plan for camps in gibraltarian, which was designed to deal effectively with drug trafficking in southern Spain, but the international route of cocaine parking in Huelva garage has not yet been announced; If it arrived in containers directly from the United States or Morocco to a port in Andalusia, or used narcotic drugs to transport drugs, like marijuana, it did not go beyond that. Drug traffickers use their usual sea routes – speedboats on the coast or guadalkiville – and powerful land-based SUVs – to hide drugs in their hiding places.

20. In March 2020, the “operation Doberman” of the civil defense forces on the coast of guadalkivile confirmed their suspicion that the tribes used river beds to smuggle cocaine. Agents seized 1.2 kilograms of this material off the coast of HELVA, When the police in southern Spain first discovered the movement of white powder in the port of Hashi, police pressure at camp gibraltarian (Cadiz) forced drug traffickers not only to move and expand their bases of operations to other provinces, but also to diversify their activities, This explains why the police seized the most cocaine in the raid.

After the discovery of a drug trafficking organization in Andalusia Province, more than one and a half tons of cocaine were investigated in the welva garage. When agents confirmed that the network was using the usual hashing channel to bring in large quantities of cocaine, the focus was on her. In this infrastructure, the garage is used as a drug nursery. In addition to cocaine stored in sports bags and sacks, other effects were found, suggesting that the facility was used as a logistic centre for gangs.

Although cannabis remains the most affected substance on the guadalkiville route according to data provided by law enforcement agencies and forces, with seizures of more than 5 tons in 2020, it is worth noting that cocaine seizures have increased in the past year (3300 kg), which adds to the confidence that the river bed will no longer be a dangerous one It’s the exclusive route to marijuana derivatives. This new method of introducing cocaine is very different from what is known so far in the region, except that it uses the huge movement of containers in the port of Algeciras – one of Europe’s largest ports – to hide white powder in legal ports.