Ministry Of Health Certifies That Salvadora Ira Is Not Vaccinated With Covid Vaccine

2021-02-11   |   by CusiGO

The Ministry of health confirmed that Salvadorian IRA was not vaccinated against covid. Alfredo Gonzalez, Secretary General for digital health, information and innovation in the national health system, confirmed that as of Thursday, he was in the El Diario. Government sources confirmed the country. In the past few hours, the people’s party, the citizens’ and the independence party have tried to question, without evidence, the possibility of vaccination for former health ministers and PSC presidential candidates.

IRA is the only candidate who did not participate in the TV3 election debate. The public television station voluntarily offered PCR or antigen tests to nine politicians in the debate on Tuesday to avoid infection during more than three hours of TV shows. Others unanimously criticized the attitude of socialist leaders as irresponsible.

The socialists defended irah’s refusal, stressing that the government’s health agreement did not require such a test during the debate. This means that if a person has symptoms of an infection or has come into contact with an infected person within the past 72 hours, he or she must be tested. “I haven’t been vaccinated, the whole of Spain knows,” the PSC candidate said on Thursday. “I have been defending the agreed agreement for all Spaniards that PCR tests are carried out when you have symptoms or are in close contact with positive patients, which is not my case (…) and I don’t want to have any political privileges myself,” he stressed.