Iglesias Insisted On Criticism: “It Is Clear That Spain Has Not Fully Normalized Democracy.”

2021-02-11   |   by CusiGO

Pablo Iglesias not only failed to correct what he said about the quality of democracy in Spain, but also went further. “It’s true to say that there is no normal state of full democracy,” Vice President Segundo said in an interview with Rac1 on Thursday, insisting that democracy in Spain can be improved is “obvious.”. He is even sarcastic on this issue. The interviewer explained that Pedro Sanchez was the only major party leader in Catalonia who refused to be interviewed during the election campaign, and Iglesias replied, “you know what the normal state of democracy looks like.”

“I will continue to tell the truth in spite of the threat, and it will haunt the very powerful lords,” he repeated when asked about the declaration signed by several former SPD leaders calling for his removal, and made it confidential. “Saying that something doesn’t work doesn’t mean attacking democracy. Instead, it’s defending democracy,” Mabel’s leader warned. His comments about the quality of democracy in the country triggered a wave of criticism on Monday, including some socialist ministers, such as first vice president Carmen Calvo, He was clearly alienated from his cabinet colleagues. “I didn’t talk to Pedro Sanchez about it,” Iglesias admitted.

Asked if he did not believe the economist’s list of Spain as one of the official democracies, the vice president said it was “not about the rankings.”. “The debate needs to be improved. To protect her is not to say she is perfect, but to lie, “he insisted. Iglesias cited the retirement of the king from Spain, the blocking of the re-election of the General Council of justice, the bascenas case or the imprisonment of Pablo Hassel to defend his position from criticism. “What I’m saying is obvious, and if it upset so many people, they would be very angry, maybe we’re telling the truth,” he assured.

In an interview with ara on Monday, Iglesias said: “there is no complete normalization of politics and democracy in Spain. At that time, the leaders of the two political parties in Catalonia, one in prison and the other in Brussels”, referring to Ollier jonquilas and Carles puygedmont, were punished All political parties, including their ruling partners. Just three days ago, foreign minister arancha Gonz á lez Laya responded to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov after comparing the situation of opposition Alex é I navalni, who was jailed on his return to Russia and died of poisoning last summer, Independent politicians in Catalonia were indicted. “Spain is one of 23 fully democratic countries,” the minister reminded her. The vice president disapproved of such exchanges: “I have no responsibility to analyze the statements of any foreign minister of any country.”.

Iglesias also referred to a controversial label used by TVE yesterday: “leono will leave Spain like his grandfather”, reporting on Princess Asturias and her study abroad, which led the station to exempt those who they called “serious mistakes”. “To my surprise, people who say the retired King’s trip is normal are angry. If he didn’t run away, they wouldn’t be so angry, “he argued.

“No government member has been vaccinated”

On the last day of the Catalan campaign, following the election disaster in Galicia or Basque last summer, Iglesias avoided taking part in the last election dispute presided over by PSC candidate Salvador illa. PCR was refused before the TV3 debate. “There are too many razors in the campaign. We have to respect citizenship. I know IRA and jonquila. They’re not bad people. “I want everyone to be elegant,” he said after Eric leader oriol junkeras asked the ILA to explain whether he was using his position as health minister to vaccinate.

“Obviously, no member of the government has ever been vaccinated. Otherwise, we will have to implement a razor policy that offends us. I know the two protagonists of this argument. Please don’t do that again. I won’t go in and say who’s the best razor, it’s not my style, “Iglesias stressed.