El Salvador Ira, On The Rejection Of Socialists By Junts And Erc: “This Is A Picture Of Columbus’S Independence.”

2021-02-11   |   by CusiGO

“An independent photograph of Columbus.” This will be the slogan of the Catalan Socialist Party (PSC) in the last two days of Catalan autonomous election campaign. The independent party signed a document yesterday promising not to promote the formation of a government with a PSC. The socialist candidate, Salvador illa, compared it with a demonstration in Madrid’s cologne square in 2019 by three right-wing parties, the people’s party, the public party and Vox, demanding the resignation of government president Pedro Sanchez.

“This is another episode of confrontation. This is an anti Iraq agreement. This is an independent picture of Columbus, “the former health minister said on the cope network on Thursday. As a result, IRA referred to the family photo taken by the leaders of three right-wing parties at the demonstration site, which caused heated debate and sharp differences among citizens because it pushed the orange party to the extreme right. CS also promised not to form a government with PSOE. The formation led by Albert Rivera at that time was severely damaged in the replay of that year’s general election.

PSC leaders said that the agreement signed by Catalonia’s junts per Catalunya, esquerra Republic (ERC), cup, pdecat and prim á ries listed the socialist party as the favorite of the election and the only constitutional choice they could win. “Our whole campaign was” people against me. “. This photograph of Columbus is a good illustration of what needs to be done in case someone still has doubts, “IRA said. “The people who buried the PSC a few years ago are now forming a national front to try to stop it,” wrote congressman Ferran pedrett. On February 14 [election day], if you want to change, vote for the PSC and surprise them. ”

IRA recalled that he also proposed a veto: he did not intend to re-establish a tripartite left-wing government with the com ú podem and the ERC. He claimed that his plan to “turn a new page” in the past decade’s independence conflict could not be achieved by sharing it with ERC, a political party seeking to separate from Spain. Irah even reneged on the tripartite agreement under which Pasqual maragall became president in 2003, the so-called “peace agreement” Tinell: “I’m not proud of the tinell deal.”

In the past few hours, the former health minister has also sparked a controversy that has united his rivals to criticize him. Of the nine candidates, IRA is the only one who did not receive covid-19 screening in the election debate organized by TV3 last Tuesday. With the exception of the house of Commons, other parties accused him of irresponsibility and suggested without evidence that irah had been vaccinated, skipping the vaccine supply phase. The leader of the socialist cartel reiterated that he had not been vaccinated and argued that the test had not been carried out because the health agreement stipulated that the test should only be carried out if the patient had symptoms or had close contact with the infected person. “I will not do what I (as health minister) ask citizens not to do on land, at sea and in the air,” IRA commented on antena 3. On Thursday, the people’s party will ask the prosecutor’s office to investigate whether Iraq has been vaccinated with covid-19.