Catalan Coronavirus Election Safe Voting Guide

2021-02-11   |   by CusiGO

There will be a protagonist in Catalonia’s parliamentary election on February 14 next year who doesn’t understand abbreviations or election plans: epidemics. It will be the third election after Basque countries and Galicia, to be held in Spain under special health guidelines. Although nearly 6 million Catalans (5624044) were called to vote, the huge popularity of the postal vote (three times that of 2017) suggests that the ballot box will be freer than ever.

Under the supervision of the Central Election Commission, the government distributed a manual to members of polling stations explaining how the day should be spent and what guidelines should be followed. In addition, every polling station in Catalonia will have a health and safety officer in charge of the device on Sunday. Next, you can learn about the steps you need to take based on how you participate in this appointment.

In order for the Catalan elections to proceed normally, 82000 people were called to the polling stations, including current and alternate members. Although 25% of them have filed charges to avoid sitting in front of the ballot box on Sunday, the government believes that the possibility of not having enough polling stations is “negligible.”.

In this election, 284706 people asked to vote through the post, three times the 78872 petitions the post office received in 2017. There were 255087 Catalans living abroad, 60% less than four years ago.