Arrimadas Criticized Casado For Saying “Strange Things” About The Performance Of The Police And The Guard

2021-02-11   |   by CusiGO

Ines arrimadas, President of the citizens’ Union, criticized Pablo Casado, leader of the people’s party, for saying “strange words” about the role of the police and the guard during the illegal referendum on self-determination in Catalonia on October 1, 2017. Last Tuesday, when he admitted in an interview with Rac1 that he refused to attend the meeting as a party spokesman, he married – or because he disagreed with the strategy adopted by Mariano Rajoy’s government. According to the people’s daily, the actions of the national security forces, the accusations of the police and the images of people voting “should have been avoided.”. In his three-and-a-half years as chairman of people’s groups, this is the first time that cassado has publicly opposed the administration of Rajoy’s government.

Alimadas insisted that the CTC would never “criminalize” national security agencies and forces that have been “harassed” by independent elements for a long time. “It’s not a hate crime, but it’s recognized that it happened,” he pointed out. Arrimadas promised that when state leaders mentioned being married, they would “disagree with the constitutional view” and they would say “strange things.”. He stressed: “what happened on October 1 not only happened on October 1, but also as early as a few months ago, the government did not want or could not deal with the insult to Spanish democracy.”.

On whether the trial of Luis B รก rcenas is likely to make the PP vote for CS, arrimadas does not want to stand up, but only points out that in the “shameful” corruption cases, explanations must continue. The civic leader added that she was “surprised” by the low level of emphasis on corruption during Catalonia’s election campaign, She recalled that PSC chairman (Nuria Marin) and candidates for judges (Laura Boras) were accused of corruption: “I’m surprised that no one talks about corruption in this movement, but there are very few citizens,” she insisted.

In the last election, citizens capitalized most of the constitutional vote and won 37 seats, which is far from the current situation of CIS. Nevertheless, alimadas recalled that 30% of the people hesitated: “independence is like a headless chicken, they did some strange things because they knew they might lose most people.”

CS leaders have made clear her priorities: ensuring that there is no tripartite (ERC, PSC, and Commons), constitutional content agreements, and “loyalty” between all political parties. Arrimadas believes that there is an opportunity to improve the relationship between the government and CS at the national level: “if separatism leaves the governance of Catalonia, Catalonia will leave the governance of Spain.” At this point, he said he questioned the socialists: “the PSOE repeated a mantra that they talk within the law, but only with those who violate it.” For the homeless, The dialogue table that PSE accepted after the election between governments was a “blackmail table”, criticizing PSC for managing 15 towns together with ERC and junts: “many constitutional voters voted for PSC and met with the three parties, just as they are now in Parliament Barcelona. ”

The leader stressed that this is not only to avoid tripartite contact with ERC, but also to give priority to economic measures. These measures include reducing taxes, protecting families who want a coordinated education, helping the self-employed, fighting corruption, “corruption and insecurity.”.